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Find Your Motivation Again!

By Sara Baker

Just recently Jill asked her friends on facebook what they would like to see on the JillFit blog.  Motivation was one answer that caught my interest.  I have always felt that I am a highly motivated person.  I have always loved working out, working multiple jobs and trying to become a better more knowledgeable person in all areas of my life.  However, recently, I have not felt motivated to train for a specific event, which is what I usually live for.  I love to train, race and compete in a variety of events.  So this got me thinking what I do to gain my motivation back.  Below are my top 5 tips to do to get re-motivated.

Jess & Sara at their fitness competition last year

  1. Set goals or if you have goals, redefine them. I set goals, not resolutions at the beginning of every year.  I post these in my day planner and look at them almost daily to make sure I am moving towards these goals.   Take a moment to either set new goals or to redefine your current goals.  Are they specific?  Measurable and attainable?  What about setting some new smaller goals to get you to your larger goal?  If your goal is to lose 30lbs in the next 6 mos, maybe break that up to losing 4 lbs in the next month.   What about other areas you might not have thought about?  Increase your bench press by 10lbs?  Save $1000 for a vacation to a place you have always wanted to go?  Set goals, write them down, look at them often.
  2. Sign up for a competition, race, or event of some sort. One of my biggest motivators is money.  Not in the sense that I do something for money but the opposite, not to lose money.   As soon as I decide on an event, race or competition, I sign-up and pay.  Just the thought of losing the $100 in entry fees motivates me to train.  I am obviously competing for the sense of accomplishment, challenge etc but my true commitment comes when I pay an entry fee. J  Don’t like to compete?  Identify a special event….wedding, reunion, vacation.  Buy a swimsuit or something special that you cannot wear or fit into until that event, use that purchase price as your event ‘entry fee.’
  3. Create Rewards! Yea! One of my favorites as I am all about the rewards.  I am not talking a 5 layer chocolate cake reward (though I do love my chocolate) but something that will last a little longer.  All of us JillFit Coaches love to look good while we workout so what about a new workout outfit when you accomplish one of your goals?  The bigger the accomplishment, the bigger the reward can be.  Be creative. Spa day?  New book or magazine subscription?  Then as you are working towards your goal, think about earning that reward.
  4. Read! This is a huge motivator for me as well.  Find another favorite fitness blog (in addition to JillFit of course :)) that you like to read and learn from.  Read motivating books, magazines, websites.  Again, this does not have to be fitness related.  If your goal is financial, learn from the experts.  The internet has literally put everything at our fingertips, put it to good use instead of aimlessly surfing the web or playing computer games.
  5. Journal or Visualization. I like to keep a food and training log to know what I have done that week and help keep me accountable.  I clip out motivational quotes I find in all my reading (see tip #4) and put these in my log.  I also spend some time at the end of my day reflecting on what went well, where I could improve etc.  Do not like to write?  Mentally reflect.  Think about your day, your successes, and your challenges.  Didn’t have the best day?  Visualize yourself starting the next day stronger and getting through the day with success.  Visualize yourself reaching these goals one by one.

So yes, even we energizer bunnies lose motivation once and awhile.  I use all of the 5 tips above to recommit and rededicate to my goals, no matter how big or small.   Do you have other tips that help you stay motivated?  I would love to hear about them. ox Sara

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