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What the heck are “joggervals?”

Of the JillFit crew, Jillian Teta is the crazy sprinter lady. A 200m track runner in high school, Jillian has the ideal physique for sprinting and has an insane metabolism because of it.  The idea of “joggervals” came out of a 35-minute treadmill workout I sent Jillian to do during contest prep a couple years ago (below).

I was doing this incline workout for a few weeks and it was really getting me big-time winded and my legs absolutely burning. If there is a cardio version of weight training, this is it, for dem legs! I sent it to Jillian as a treadmill “interval” workout and she coined them joggervals because apparently they are far slower than her personal version of a sprint (incline 15, speed 9.0) LOL.  SO, we started calling workouts like this “joggervals” because they fall somewhere between intervals, jogging and sprints. Bottom line is that they are a great way to change up your cardio routine, choosing to go a little slower than traditional sprints, but longer in duration. The last 20 or so seconds of each of these intervals is BRUTAL. Good luck to you! :) ox Jill

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