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Killer Incline Walking Workout (yes, I said “walking”)

Let’s face it, walking isn’t really considered exercise to us hard-core gym rats. Please! Give me the stepmill or treadmill or a spin class. Anything else is just a waste of time, right? Or is it? What if we added some serious incline work to target the glutes, upped the speed and added some intervals? Now we’re talkin’!  This is just as intense as any running program and is a great option for people who cannot run because of knee issues or need something lower impact.

This is a program I used when I was getting ready for my last show, and it is one that I think works well for clients who have size to lose in the lower body. It specifically targets the glutes (of course spot reduction is nearly impossible, though it is certainly feasible to get a localized burn in a specific area, like this mode of exercise does for the glutes).  Obviously a tight diet will do the most to tighten the body, but cardio plays it role in fat loss too. P.S. Be sure to take your BCAAs so you don’t lose precious muscle!

Try doing this workout 3x/week for a consistent 8-12 weeks and notice the difference in the legs and glutes.  If these speeds are too fast for you, simply drop them down to where you are still getting a burn in the legs by the end of each tough interval.  Good luck!

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