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Top 5 “Clean” Sweet Treats to Help with Cravings

By Sara Baker

I love sweets!  I have never been much a salt person but really do love all kinds of sweets.  Obviously, this can get in the way of achieving the physique we want.  Though JillFit does not promote deprivation to the point of never having a cupcake again, we do often times find substitutions that help us with our fat loss goals (with the exception of our cheat meal :))  Below are 5 ‘treats’ that I use to help keep my sugar cravings in check during the week.

One of our favorite natural sugar-free chocolate bars

  1. Spoonful of peanut butter: I will take a spoon to my jar of pb often after dinner. I find this highly satisfying as the fat/protein content fill me up.  Be wary of portion size as pb is very calorie dense.   I might even top this spoonful with a small square of sugar free chocolate which leads me to…
  2. Sugar Free Chocolate Square: Over the years, the sugar free chocolate on the market has improved greatly.  You can also find a huge variety depending on your choice of sweetener.  They have bars sweetened with erythritol, sucralose and now even stevia. One or two squares often help me finish off my evening meal.
  3. Sugar Free Pudding Cups: Okay, I know this is not the cleanest choice and filled with sucralose and is highly processed,  but sometimes it is just what I need. I usually take my time eating the pudding, and with only 60 calories and zero sugar, this is a treat during the week.
  4. ME Cocoa drink: If you read the JillFit blog, you know we have talked about how great this drink can be anytime of the day.    The flavonoids in the cocoa are great for you plus it fills you up and helps with cravings. Take 1-2 TB unsweetened cocoa powder, add hot water, sweeten with stevia or xylitol.
  5. Tea: I used to hate tea as I thought it tasted like dirty water and would have to dump about 4 tablespoons of honey in it to even make it palatable :) Now, there are literally hundreds of types of tea on the market.  There are even sweet ones to help satisfy the sweet cravings.  I saw a Red Velvet tea at World Market the other day. My new obsession is peppermint tea as it helps with digestion and gives you a minty taste in your mouth, similar to gum or brushing your teeth that helps me shut off my cravings for the evening.

Again, I would never tell anyone to cut out their favorite dessert for the rest of their lives but as a society we consume an insane amount of sugar.  Decadent desserts, candy, sweets, etc. have a special time and place to be enjoyed, but otherwise, try some of these more waistline-friendly treats to help with those cravings.

Do you have a “clean” treat that you go to? Let me know! ox Sara

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