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The JillFit Birthday Workout

“Holy sh*t.”

… seemed to be the only words I could breathe around all the gasping for air that was going on. Tara and I were in the middle of the JillFit Birthday Workout, doing it for the first time last summer when I turned 31. And I wanted to punch myself in the face for coming with this little gem. Either that, or subject myself to more burpees-til-pukey. I went with the latter.

Originally, I created the simple no-equipment-required workout for the JillFit Lifestylers members, and I have to admit, I didn’t try it beforehand. And honestly, it didn’t look all that freaking hard on paper.

But it was. Gosh it was.

And frankly, if I’d knew how tough it actually was, I might not have distributed it to the girls. Actually … who am I kidding? Of course I would’ve :)

And this year (32nd b-day tomorrow), I thought I would share it with you too so you can try it, and then we can commiserate. You’re welcome! Ha!

Essentially, this is a metabolic conditioning workout that will have you mostly breathless, but also burning at times and definitely hot and sweaty. It’s a great option if you find yourself without equipment or you just want a quick workout that kicks your ass.

It’s not recommended to do it every day, but 1-2x/week mixed in with heavy, traditional weight training workouts on other days works well. Tara and I average about 30-45s rest between each round. It’s tough (did I mention that?), but it’s worth it for all the badass points you accumulate as a result of finishing it.

P.S. I am celebrating my birthday by taking 50% OFF all the JillFit 4-Week Training Programs now through July 18th ONLY!



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