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Jill, should I compete again?

Just got this email (printed with permission): Hi Jill,  I really love your blog and have been following you for a while now. I finally found the courage to reach out to you and ask about a situation I have …

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Back on the Contest Prep Train: Getting Your Mental Game Right

By Jillian Teta It’s almost March here in NC, and that means a few things: we are starting to have some warm days, the daffodils and hyacinth are popping out of the ground, the days are getting longer, and I’ve …

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The All-or-Nothing vs. The Balanced Mindset

Does this sound familiar to you? Eat perfectly Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (“Ok, maybe I have 1 glass of wine on Wednesday night, it’s just to get me through until the weekend.”) Thursday start to indulge in some light cheating (“I …

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Testimonial: Jamie’s Journey from Bar Hopping to Stage Prepping

I had the honor to meet Jamie Sobolewski many years ago when she was a student at Wake Forest University, and she was a student worker of mine. Always a gym rat like me, Jamie learned to teach fitness classes …

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My First Contest Prep & 10 Lessons Learned Since

I posted a few of my old competition prep photos to the Facebook page a couple days ago after coming across them in an old file. From 2006, let’s just say I have learned quite a bit, not only about …

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Finding the Right Competition Category for You: Bikini/Model vs. Figure

By Emily Saunders Happy Fall to all my Jillfit Peeps!!  I hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather and activities and spending lots of time outdoors!  Last time I wrote I was busy traveling for weddings and preparing for my final …

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Why the first couple weeks of dieting suck (getting over the hump!)

Don’t you love my very technically-and-scientifically-sound title? :) But fortunately for you competition gals, you know exactly what I am talking about. This weird thing happens where starting a new diet is a thousand times harder than simply staying on a …

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Emily’s Goal Setting & Physique Development for the Fall

By Emily Saunders I can’t believe that Summer is almost over and it is September! Labor Day weekend creeps up on me every year and here we are again!  The last few weeks have been incredibly busy in the Jillfit …

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5 Lessons Learned In My “Off-Season”

By Jillian Teta A few months ago I blogged about staying lean in the off season, gaining muscle and adding size without compromising my look in skinny jeans and while still maintaining my “eat, drink and be merry” persona. Originally …

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Kelley at 5 Weeks Out: There’s More to Life than Flank Steak & Tuna

By Kelley Vargo Hi guys! Been a while since you’ve heard from me but I am super-excited about the new daily categories of JillFit blogs.  When Jill contacted me about writing on this topic, I thought it was perfect.  It’s …

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