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  • In an industry wrought with lunacy, Jill is a shining beacon of modern common sense. She helps you dig deep, and then dig deeper; she shows you how to first uncover the path to your most authentic, wholehearted self, and then gives you the tools to get there. She is grounded in her values and operates with more integrity than is typically seen in this industry.


    Neghar Fonooni, founder Eat, Lift + Be Happy
  • I’ve had the honor of having her as a keynote speaker at a large women’s empowerment retreat and I sat in the audience feverishly taking notes at my own event! The knowledge, wisdom, power and grace that Jill exudes is what everyone needs and wants for a thriving life and business. She teaches you to own your power and rock your strengths in order to create business that is uniquely yours and stands out on it’s own.


    Lori Harder, cover model and expert lifestyle coach
  • I love how Jill Coleman shoots straight, never holding back sharing her own experience, with the science of what works to get in shape along with her incredible motivational techniques breaking down the physchological barriers that limit so many people from reaching their potential. In other words, she knows what she’s talking about and knows how to say it so it resonates with the women who need it!


    Rachel Cosgrove, best-selling author and founder at Results Fitness
  • Jill is one of the best in the business. Her knowledge and passion for helping people reach their goals is unmatched.


    Nia Shanks, founder Lift Like a Girl
  • Jill is my go-to resource for real talk around health, fitness and body confidence. She approaches the journey from the inside out, sharing the mental patterns and mindset that support you in stepping into your highest self.


    Amber Rae, Lifestyle Creative and Writer
  • No one is better than Jill Coleman at helping women shift their mindsets to one of power and autonomy when it comes to food and fitness. No one.



    Jen Sinkler, fitness writer and personal trainer
  • Jill Coleman is one of the most intelligent, passionate, and authentic female fitness professionals, period. The information she gives on changing your mindset is second-to-none, and she’s one of just a handful of people I feel comfortable referring the Girls Gone Strong community to.


    Molly Galbraith, Owner at Girls Gone Strong
  • Jill is one of the most real people you will ever meet. It is her vulnerability and ability to self-reflect and call herself out that attracts people to her. Her leadership and love for people shines through everything she does.



    Danny Johnson, Founder of The Sweaty Betties
  • Jill has put in countless hours of psychology, mindset, and habit research, and it certainly shows as she consistently dishes up relatable stories, along with sound advice and action steps to achieve better health, both physically and mentally.


    Jen Comas, founder at Beauty Lies In Strength
  • Jill is one of the most consistent and congruent people I know. A favorite quote of mine is, ‘Don’t talk about it, be about it’ – Busta Rhymes. Jill IS about everything she teaches. Who doesn’t want that in a coach?


    Liz DiAlto, creator of Wild Soul Movement
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