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Fit Biz U

Start, Grow and Scale Your
Online Coaching Business

Fit Biz U is an accessible, one-of-a-kind fitness business
show that publishes three 15 minutes-or-less episodes,
every week! It’s for health, fitness and nutrition pros at
any stage of their business, looking for actionable,
tactical strategies working in the trenches right now.

You’ll hear about my own business journey, case studies
and examples from my clients and strategies and tools
you can implement immediately in your business.

Topics include everything from social media
growth, email marketing, legalities of starting
a business, coaching methodology, marketing,
sales, scaling, paid traffic, team building,
outsourcing and so much more!


The Best Life

Become the best version of YOU

Co-hosted with my BFF Danny-J Johnson
and over 1M downloads, this show is all
about personal
relationships, positive psychology,
productivity, and best practices.

The Best Life Podcast was born out of
Danny-J and my collective experience as
divorced entrepreneurs
who endured
infidelity in our marriages; we both
learned to trust, transcend and elevate
despite it all.
We tell it like it is and get a
little raw. We share very real and hard-
earned insights we think might also
you level up your daily life.

Topics include dating, marriage/
relationships, personal

development, self-awareness, love,
productivity, career and work,
family and
friends, body esteem,
entrepreneurship and so much more!


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