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4-Week #treadLIFT and #moderation365 Coaching Program

November 29 – December 26, 2016

I have not done a Black Friday sale at JillFit in years! But after this past summer’s #20x20Challenge and the success of #treadLIFT, I wanted to combine my favorite training program with a bit of a consistency challenge for the holidays.

I am only running this for the month of December (Nov 29th-Dec 26th) so I hope you take advantage, it’s going to be a blast!

Four weeks of accountability, coaching, programming and weekly Q&A calls with me.


If you don’t know what #treadLIFT is, it’s a treadmill and dumbbell-based fitness solution to BURN fat, BUILD muscle and BOOST your cardiovascular capacity.

And the reason I want to focus on #treadLIFT for this accountability program is because all the workouts are short—only 30 minutes or less, and combine both intense cardio and intelligent weight training to honestly get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

Because let’s face it, the holidays traditionally kind of suck for results.

Not that the goal is to be losing fat constantly—ever—but in a time when time is limited and holidays desserts are everywhere, it’s nice to feel in control of at least one little piece of our process.

Carving out just 30 minutes a day for exercise is all you need to stay on track and hit the ground running come January 1st.

In addition, nutrition-wise, we will be focusing on #moderation365 – eating the same whether you are chillin’ at home or at a holiday party or attending a big family dinner. You will make choices based on feeling satisfied and not stuffed. It’s a practice in mindfulness.

If you are an all-or-nothing person and just like to “let loose” at the holidays and eat with abandon, this program is probably not for you. BUT, with that said, I promise you, I’ll be teaching you how to feel satisfied without going overboard so that when someone says, “Just eat what you want, it’s the holidays!” you can reply with, “I already do.” ;)

#Moderation365 is a lifestyle. We do it at the holidays, on vacation, during the week, on the weekend, every single day of the year. Satisfied, not stuffed.

And I will teach you how.

Over the 4 weeks, I’ll be doing live weekly nutrition trainings and FB LIVE streams covering nutrition tools and easy strategies for navigating big meals and troubleshooting overindulgences, as well as live Q&As. I’ll also be sending you weekly emails covering food mindset obstacles so that you can learn to TRUST yourself the whole month, regardless of what food situation you end up in.

It’s gonna be a fun 4 weeks – see all the details below!

What's Included?

  • Membership into the #treadLIFT portal and access to all 36 full-length #treadLIFT workouts, exercise photos and more*
  • A brand spankin’ new 4-week programming calendar for #treadLIFT, specifically designed to incorporate all 3 types of workouts in #treadLIFT: BURN, BUILD and BOOST. I’ll be doing the workouts, too, and we will be posting our check-ins in the …
  • Closed Facebook community group where we will be keeping one another accountable, checking in daily with our workout progress, and connecting with like-minded women on all things fitness, nutrition and mindset – and I have 2 amazing JillFit Ambassadors spearheading the coaching, though I’ll be popping in and answering questions too
  • Weekly live Q&A #moderation365 nutrition trainings with me – I’ll be teaching all things nutrition, specifically how to survive the holiday eating games and giving you super simple tools to navigate each and every holiday eating environment – and then taking your questions!
  • Weekly Facebook LIVE video check-ins, where I’ll be jumping on our FB community page and teasing out some of the struggles and solutions that we’re working through, in real time
  • A free copy of my #GetBetter Mindset Guide!

Two ways to enroll:

  • If you do not already own #treadLIFT, click on the button below to Get #treadLIFT (+ Everything Else) Here – you will be taken to a separate page for #treadLIFT. If you purchase between Friday Nov 25th and Monday Nov 28th, you’ll get access to everything listed above – details will be on the Thank You page after enrollment!
  • If you already own #treadLIFT, you can still participate in the coaching-only option, below.


Questions? Email me.

What If You Already Have #treadLIFT?

You can still participate!

I created a coaching-only option (enroll below), where you’ll get everything else listed above, just without new access to #treadLIFT since you already have it.