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#FitstagramFormula: Strategy Course to Help You Grow + Monetize Your Coaching Business Using Instagram in 2018

How Health + Fitness Pros Can Build their IG Influence and Turn Followers into Customers

What’s Working in 2018

Why the #FitstagramFormula?

Almost every single fitness pro or health coach I speak to asks me the same question: “Jill, how can I get my followers up on Instagram??”

And I get why.

Instagram is the hottest social media platform right now–for us as pros to be hanging out on, and our potential clients to consume expert content, view shenanigans on IG stories and slide into the DMs to ask questions.

Personally it’s my favorite platform and the only platform that my assistant doesn’t have access to, ha! I love being able to connect and serve with unique content that helps people AND have up-close-and-personal convos in the DM with readers and potential customers.


While IG is shiny, and followers and fans definitely provide social proof and clout, I’ve seen influencers with literally hundreds of thousands of followers not have any clue how to monetize. And on the flip side, I know plenty of pros (many are my current clients) with a few hundred followers making a viable living off their online fitness coaching businesses.

You don’t need a million followers to make good money using Instagram.

Aaaaand just because you have a following doesn’t mean you’re rolling in the dough.

What it takes is strategy:

  • How can you create quality content that people resonate with and that helps them?
  • How can you do it consistently?
  • How can you stand out in a crowded online fitness marketplace?
  • And how can you turn followers into buyers?

THAT is the formula for how to use Instagram for your business.

Using it for fun is always great, but the #FitstagramFormula program is for health + fitness pros who want to use the platform for business.

You need to know what’s working right now, in 2018.

Even what was working a year ago is outdated.

All tutorials have in the Formula have been recorded in the last 6 months, and some as recent as last month. As a business coach to fitness pros, I’m obsessed with staying relevant, and things are changing on the fly.

I created this course so you can watch and implement these strategies immediately.

Not sure if/when I’ll be offering this again, so be sure to grab your seat now.

You can literally consume this program in a weekend and start making changes to the way you’re using IG right away next week.

Can’t wait to see how you do with it!

Let me know if you have any questions ;) Xo, Jill

Who Exactly Can Benefit + What You'll Learn:

This self-paced business course is for health and fitness professionals and enthusiasts who know that IG is where it’s at for their business, but they are:

  • Stuck on how to grow their following
  • Don’t know how to strategically use IG to sell coaching
  • Unsure of the kinds of posts to be sharing for maximum engagement and trust-building
  • Need a clear and simple posting strategy they can stick with
  • Unsure of how to handle sales and what to do to potential clients
  • Want to use Instagram to build an email list or followers on other social media platforms
  • Interested in hosting free IG challenges to grow their following and impact
  • Don’t know what to post in IG Stories to elicit discussion, DMs and requests for coaching
  • How to turn followers into customers, exactly what to do and when

The Fitstagram Formula Bundle includes:

The following in-depth tutorials and accompanying downloads:

  • 90-MIN TUTORIAL: Instagram for Fitness Business: How to Use Instagram to Build Your Online Fitness Coaching Business – What’s Working Right Now
  • 60-MIN TUTORIAL: How to Use Instagram Stories to Sell: Both evergreen strategy and product launch step-by-step strategies
  • 60-MIN InstaChallenge Formula Program: Exactly how to create, host and market a free Instagram challenge to build your list, grow your following, create a movement and sell at the end (I’ve run 4 free fitness challenges over the last 3 years amounting in 20,000 new email leads and over $200k in revenue) – $500 value
  • Live Instagram Audit with me! I’ll be jumping on a live call with you, teaching some, taking your questions and giving you individualized feedback, and then–by request–checking out your IG handle and giving you on-the-spot feedback to make it better and more compelling. This will be on Thursday Sept 27th at 8pm EST/5pm PST and it will be recorded if you can’t make it! – $250 value

This whole course is worth over $1000, but for a few days I’ve giving away all my best tools and strategies for a fraction of the investment value.

There is a 100% chance that you will make your investment in this course back within 30 days if you implement the strategies consistently in your first month.

Email me if you have any questions!