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4-Week #Moderation365 Nutrition Boot Camp

How is this course delivered?

This course is a virtual educational class delivered over the internet, via 4 weekly webinar video trainings and 3 weekly coaching emails. The program is not customized to individuals, but is designed to cover both the insights related to food obsession (the “why” behind it) and the most effective tools and techniques to overcome it.

Who is this course right for?

This course is designed for women who feel an overwhelming anxiety around all things related to food and eating–When is my next meal? Do I have all my food prepped and ready? How long until I can eat again? How many calories/carbs/grams/points is it? What’s are my totals for the day? How many more cals can I eat? Am I losing or gaining weight?

Breaking the mindset of extreme food awareness is tough, and often we fear relinquishing control in our mind will lead to many larger dress sizes. That’s just not the case–the latest research on self-compassion shows us that.

This course is for women who simply don’t want to be thinking and stressing about food constantly. They want to find an effortless and easy way to interact with food daily.

Who is this course NOT right for?

This is not a weight loss course. It’s a mindset course. When you want to break your obsession with food, that needs to be your goal, not getting as lean as possible. But that also doesn’t mean you just let go and eat with abandon either–besides that’s not stress free either! This course is not for people who want to lose a ton of weight or want to do anything it takes to be in crazy great shape. Rapid weight loss techniques work until they don’t. And if you want that, this is not the course for you. But I’ll see you in a couple years! ;)

DISCLAIMER: This course is not designed to diagnose or treat those suffering from clinically-diagnosed eating disorders. The information enclosed in this course is for educational purposes only and JillFit takes no responsibility for the choices that you make with your nutrition. By enrolling in this course, you acknowledge that you alone are responsible and if you have questions, you understand that you can and should consult to your physician. If you feel like the above statement cannot be or is not true for you, please do not enroll in this course.


Please understand that due to the short nature of the course (4 weeks), no requests for refunds will be granted after the first 7 days. If you have questions, please email me!

Course Syllabus:

Training #1: Insights: Why do we do this? Gaining perspective.
Training #2: How to Break the Deprive-the-Binge Cycle
Training #3: Teaching Yourself a Healthy Degree of Mindfulness + troubleshooting
Training #4: Control vs. Trust

Tools and techniques we'll be learning and using:

+ Healthy (vs. unhealthy) Mindfulness

+ Intermittent Sampling

+ Benefit of the doubt and self-compassion

+ Daily Nutritional Commitments

+ Deprivation/Indulgence Scale

+ How to use exposure to help you break your control mechanisms

+ Surfing the urge + “surfing the disappointment”

+ How to increase the #SatisfactionFactor (#SF) of your meals

+ Intuitive eating and how to actually listen to your body

+ Handling your emotions without food

+ Lack vs. abundance mindset

+ Food FOMO

+ “Situational Eating” strategies

+ And much more!

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