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JillFit Mindset Makeover Curriculum

Consists of 2 courses – enroll in either or both:

1) The 10-Week Mindset Makeover Course

The original 10-week course was created in answer to the thousands of women who emailed into JillFit over the years, expressing feelings of inadequacy, aloneness, body obsession and wanting to find a way to love themselves regardless of how lean they were. This course touches more on perfectionism, feeling of unworthiness and stuck-ness in following programs and plans. Over 3000 women have gone through this primer course over the last 4 years, and it’s become a benchmark in the fitness industry for those women who want to address their mindset, not just diet and exercise.

2) MM2: #RadicalResponsibility (6 weeks)

The #RadicalResponsibility course takes the original curriculum and builds on it in the specific areas of relationships and maintenance of inner peace. This course is considered more niched and targeted for those struggling with other people in their lives, whether that’s partners, close friends, parents or children. The people closest to us are our greatest teachers, but many of the lessons we get are the hardest ones to endure. MM2 helps us make sense of our interactions with others, and serves up the best tools for handling tough situations and deepening our relationships.

Both course are delivered via daily email. I recommend completing the 10-week original course before moving on the more advanced #RadicalResponsibility course.

How are the courses delivered?

Both courses are delivered via email exclusively. If you purchase the 10-Week course, you will receive 70 emails starting immediately. If you purchase the #RadicalResponsibility course, the 42 daily emails will begin delivery immediately.

If you purchase both programs together, you will start with the 10-week course FIRST, and then advance to the #RadicalResponsibility course (a total of 4 months of daily mindset education!!).

Upon purchase, you will be receive an email to your inbox asking you to CONFIRM your purchase and enrollment (please check your Junk email folder if you don’t receive it – and make sure that is on your safe emails list) and your course will begin 24 hours after your confirmation, via email.

The 10-Week Mindset Makeover (original course)

The 10-Week course contains 70 emails, consisting of 5 modules:

  1. Intro to Mindset – Awareness
  2. Beating Your Inner Victim
  3. Active Acceptance
  4. Honing Your Attitude for Better Decision-Making
  5. Putting It All Together: Creating a Sustainable Plan That’s Effortless

Who is this course for?

  • Someone who wakes up every day wishing she felt more comfortable in her body
  • Someone who thinks that if “I could just lose this last 10 lbs I’d be good!”
  • Someone who wants to feel confident and happy, but can’t figure out the missing piece
  • Someone who wants to stop stressing about her physique, but continuing striving forward her goals
  • Someone who wants to truly live the Lean Lifestyle and do it forever, with ease

Who is it NOT for?

  • Someone looking for an off-the-shelf meal plan or workout program — this is 100% about a mindset shift
  • Someone who’s only dabbling in this stuff — the education is intense and so the ones who will do the best are those who are REALLY ready to make a lifestyle shift
  • Someone who wants a new body. This is about wanting a new life and starting on the inside
  • Someone who doesn’t have time to work on their inner selves. Each day takes 5-10 mins of reading and/or reflection

MM2: #RadicalResponsibility course

The more advanced #RadicalResponsibility course shares insights and tools over 6 modules:

  1. Control vs. Trust
  2. The Victim and Martyr Mentalities
  3. Boundaries and Relationships
  4. Showing Up Authentically and Unapologetically
  5. How to Choose a Perception that Serves You
  6. Sustained Happiness and Inner Peace – Where do you go from here?

This is a 100% educational program with exercises to engage in and skills to develop. The goal is to take #RadicalResponsibility every step of the way, from what you do and say, to what you think and your attitude in every moment. Not only will you get all the insights and frameworks, but actual tools and strategies you can use IN REAL TIME to turnaround some of your old, victim knee-jerk reactions. I’ll be sharing plenty of stories from my own life, and from those of clients over the years.


This course is for women who want to stop defending, deflecting and justifying, and are ready to finally create a life they love, unapologetically. After the 6 week course, I want every woman to feel in her power to create the exact relationships, professional lives and personal sense of self-efficacy that she desires. It’s about cultivating a more empowered energy for yourself in all parts of your life.

Enroll in 10-Week Mindset Makeover Course $49
Enroll in MM 2.0: #RadicalResponsibility Course $49