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JillFit 10-Week Mindset Makeover

What is it?

At JillFit, we understand that you only feel as good in your skin as you do in your head. And that most times, body change begins with body perception. Positive self-image leads to positive changes. This 10-week mindset makeover takes you through the challenges and solutions to find your own mental happiness and positive self-image. But it goes one step further—it develops your mind to the place where you can be effective at attaining a lean physique and living the fat loss lifestyle. It is not a book or an e-book, it’s an education delivered via 70 consecutive emails.

This education consists of 10 weeks’ worth of daily messages delivered right to your inbox, from Jill. Every day, receive a body image insight or how-to when it comes to developing your mind, and ultimately your body.

Who is it for?

  • Someone who wakes up every day wishing she felt more comfortable in her body
  • Someone who thinks that if “I could just lose this last 10 lbs I’d be good!”
  • Someone who wants to feel confident and happy, but can’t figure out the missing piece
  • Someone who wants to stop stressing about her physique, but continuing striving forward her goals
  • Someone who wants to truly live the Fat Loss Lifestyle and do it forever, with ease

Who is it NOT for?

  • Someone looking for an off-the-shelf meal plan or workout program — this is 100% about a mindset shift
  • Someone who’s only dabbling in this stuff — the education is intense and so the ones who will do the best are those who are REALLY ready to make a lifestyle shift
  • Someone who wants a new body. This is about wanting a new life and starting on the inside
  • Someone who doesn’t have time to work on their inner selves. Each day takes 5-10 mins of reading and/or reflection

How is this program delivered?

The 10-Week Mindset Makeover is delivered via email exclusively. Upon purchase, you will be rerouted to a Thank You page where you will be directed to confirm your opt-in to the program (watch the video and read the directions!) :) Your program will begin immediately with an initial email, asking you to CONFIRM your email address (the one associated with your Paypal account!). Once you confirm, your Welcome email will come immediately, and the first educational email in the program will come 24 hours AFTER you confirm your email.

Any questions about the program or any issues you encounter when getting started can be directed to me at!

An education worth thousands…

what we cover:

It’s a 5-module education:

1. Intro to Mindset – Awareness

2. Beating Your Inner Victim

3. Active Acceptance

4. Honing Your Attitude for Better Decision-Making

5. Putting It All Together: Creating a Sustainable Plan That’s Effortless

What can you expect by the end of the program?

This is a 100% educational program with exercises to engage in and skills to develop. By the end of the 10 weeks, my goal for you is to have a complete understanding how your mind affects your physique, to achieve your results without using negative feedback from guilt, remorse or despair. The goal is move forward happily and successfully.

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