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#SprintSessions Workout Program

Access 12 brand new sprint workouts for the track or outside!

  • PLUS, 5 BONUS bodyweight resistance-training wokouts you can do anywere, all 20 minutes or less
  • No equipment needed, easy access
  • All track workouts take 40 minutes or less
  • Hands-down the BEST workouts for your midsection/core

Hi, I'm Jill! Your coach for Sprint Sessions!

I’m the founder of JillFit, a certified personal trainer with an MS in nutrition and I’m pumped to bring #SprintSessions to you!


I was a high school track athlete and then a figure competitor throughout my 20s. I was one of those lucky people who fell in love with exericse at a young age.


But something happened along the way.


The fun and rush I used to get from training started to wane. It started feeling like a job.


At one point I was doing 2-3 hours of cardio every single day to simply maintain my weight. Exercise started becoming exhausting, and I was using it as a control mechanism to try to get as lean as possible and feel worthy if I could just attain “the perfect body.”


In fact, I remember crying some mornings, waking up knowing “I had to” do so much exercise, or else I felt like my world would implode. I was chasing perfection, but my body was fighting me every step of the way.


Eventually my metabolism stopped responding, and I got so fed up, I threw up my hands and said screw it, I can’t do this anymore. And I completely stopped training for 4 months (far and away the longest I’d gone without exercising in my entire life).


I was terrified! But I was also so miserable doing hours of exercise every day.


Eventually … I was ready to begin again. But this time, it would be on my terms. Sustainably. Effectively. And shorter workouts. A lot shorter. But more intense. More effective.


And so, short-duration, high-intensity workouts became my go-to, and I started sprinting again, at 31 years old. And it felt so good! Fast, powerful, alive!


And as a 37-year old, I still sprint once a week, and I’m leaner and more fit than 24-year olds I train with. I won’t stop because I know this is a lifestyle. Fun, challenging, sustainable.


And I hope you join me on this empowering (and anti-aging!) journey.


Here’s to intensity! And not making exercise a full-time job. Here’s to #SprintSessions. I hope you love these workouts as much as I do!

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