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#treadLIFT a 36-week treadmill + dumbbell-based exercise solution to BURN fat, BUILD muscle and BOOST your cardiovascular capacity.

It’s the culmination of years of personal experience and 18 years working in the fitness industry with thousands of women who want results that don’t take all day, and who want to actually stay consistent and feel good in their workout routine.

It’s all my best exercise tools and strategies in one place: short-duration, high-intensity workouts for intermediate to advanced exercisers who want to love the way they move and beat boredom. Each workout provides a unique opportunity to keep the body responsive without having to spend more than 30 minutes a day working out.


Who is #treadLIFT for?

  • It’s for those who want a faster and more effective way to exercise. Less time and better results. It’s old school to think you need to be in the gym for hours. Just not true and definitely not necessary for fat loss and body change.
  • These workouts are for people who get bored easily. #treadLIFT is about beating boredom. The 36 unique workouts have you circuit training, doing intervals, and moving from exercise to exercise quickly so things don’t get monotonous and stale.
  • #treadLIFT is for those with access to little equipment. #treadLIFT requires a set of dumbbells and access to a treadmill (or any other cardio equipment or outside running space), nothing fancy.
  • It’s for you if you want to get a kickass workout. Not to going to lie, #treadLIFT workouts are designed for intermediate to advanced exercisers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust for your own fitness level. I show you how in the program!

Who is #treadLIFT NOT for?

  • This isn’t for people who want long workouts or to train for hours. If duration is the name of your game, this is not the program for you.
  • It’s not for people training for a specific event or competition. #treadLIFT is for the average person who wants to look better, feel better and enjoy their workouts. It’s NOT for those who want exercise to be their whole life.
  • It’s 100% not for those looking for instantaneous results with little effort. There are no shortcuts and while I believe that #treadLIFT workouts and similar high-intensity, short-duration workouts are the BEST for results, you still can’t cut corners. No magic pills or gimmicks. Consistency with training is key.
  • #treadLIFT isn’t for people who have never exercised. While the workouts can be regressed for those who are just getting started, if you are brand new to exercise, I recommend starting with an in-person trainer to get comfortable with lifting first.

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An education worth thousands…


what's included in #treadLIFT?

  • Access to the #treadLIFT online membership portal for life
  • 36 Full-length workouts (all 30 minutes or less) for 3 different goal sets: BURN, BUILD or BOOST
  • Photos for each of the 65 weight training movements so it’s easy to follow along
  • Video tutorials for how to use the treadmill and some of the most advanced techniques we’ll be using
  • 12-Week Programming Calendars for all 3 goal sets (BURN, BUILD or BOOST) so there is zero guesswork about what workout to do when



What if I don’t have access to a treadmill (or hate the treadmill)?

The workouts are all build in timed segments, so you can do this with any piece of cardio equipment. Simply trade out the running/walking for anything you do have access to. Though the workouts are not individually tailored to other machines, you can easily do the “sprinting” sections on anything. If it calls for an incline, increase your resistance. If it calls for a flat sprint, increase your speed at a lower resistance, for example.


What if I have bad knees and need something lower impact?

See response above. The interval segments can be done on any machine that suits your needs, such as the bike, the elliptical, the rower and even just walking on the treadmill. Listen to your body (you know it better than I do!) and stay safe and work with where you are, no expectations! There are also several incline walking workouts included in #treadLIFT. As for the weight training movements, for any jumping motion (plyometrics), I have offered an alternative.


What equipment do I need?

You’ll need access to a treadmill (or other cardio equipment or a stretch of outdoor running space around 200 meters or half way around the track) and at the very least, a set of moderate weight dumbbells. Ideally I’d like you to have 2 sets of dumbbells: one heavier (15-25 lbs) and one lighter (8-15 lbs). A bench is optional. You can always use an ottoman, the floor or a chair for any sitting movements.


Am I fit enough? It sounds intense!

You’re right, the program is challenging and was designed with intermediate to advanced exercisers in mind. The reason is not to exclude, so much as I want you have to have something to work toward. I expect 90% of people to not be able to do the workouts exactly as is. That’s by design. I want you to honor your body and adjust as needed for you. Most will be able to do the weight lifting sections just fine, but the treadmill portions are extremely challenging (and meant to be). But don’t make this one more way you’re not good enough ;) It’s not! Instead, see it as an opportunity to learn your body, honor your process, work toward a goal and stay consistent!


What if I am currently doing another program?

The programming for #treadLIFT is 3-4 days a week, depending on your goal. It is designed so that you don’t have to do anything else on your “off” days, except some light leisure walking if you want. The reason being, these workouts are intense! And I don’t want you overtraining, and I want you rested up enough to get up the next day and train well again. Don’t make the mistake of doing too much. If you are currently doing a high-volume training program, then maybe sprinkle in one #treadLIFT workout a week to get the hang of them, and then when you are done with your current regimen, you can do #treadLIFT as is it written.


Is there a lot of getting on and off the treadmill? My gym is not set up to facilitate that.

Some of the workouts (BURN) are structured so you might be doing something on the treadmill, hopping off for a minute or two do to a lift and then getting back on. About 70% of the BURN workouts are like this. The BUILD workouts are separate: 10 mins on the tread + 20 min of lifting. And the BOOST workouts are separate: 20 mins on the tread + 10 min of lifting.


How long will I have access to these workouts?

You have access to the #treadLIFT membership portal forever.


I am a runner, will I like this?

I don’t know, ha! But I am pretty sure you will–or at least, you will love the results you get from it. I am a huge fan of helping the body stay responsive through a strategic implementation of both intensity and rest. You can’t have the former without the latter. And these workouts are probably shorter than you’re used to. But they will certainly be more intense in a breathless and burning kind of way. I recommend starting with 1-2 #treadLIFT workouts a week while continuing your longer runs, and then maybe switching to all #treadLIFT eventually, for best results.


Is there any coaching that goes along with this?

There is not. This program is a DIY. It’s a practice in YOU learning your body, listening to it and implementing workouts that will challenge it to change. The fact that it’s DIY also means that I have tried my best to think of every single little thing that might come up for you while doing #treadLIFT, and preemptively added it to the membership portal. If there are additional bonuses or content that needs clarification, I will be adding that to the portal. However, there is no ongoing coaching access to me, but the value of the program ($1000) is literally multiple times the price ($47).


Questions? Email me!


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