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30 Days of Fat Loss–Day #2: Easy, Breezy (Yummy!) Salads

There is no getting around it.  If you want to lose fat, you better figure out ways to increase your fruit and veggie intake.  Low glycemic fruits and veggies should be the cornerstone of any fat loss menu plan.  I have to admit, I was not the biggest fan of vegetables when I first set out on my fat loss journey 5 years ago and I still struggle with all the cooking necessary when I am only weeks out from a competition or photo shoot.  But one thing I do not tire of is making yummy, quick salads on-the-go.  These could not be more simple.

First up, I use a Salad Chopper by OXO, which has completely saved me from having to choke down tons of dry, spinach leaves.  It is an amazing little tool that chops up anything and everything into small, delectable bites.  I can easy take 4 cups of raw spinach leaves and chop it all down into a manageable-sized salad, while still being able to get in tons of greens!   See pics below.

One of my favorite salads is the Shell-less Taco Salad, I eat it almost every night for dinner, quick and easy to make!  On Sundays, I usually sautee up a few lbs of ground turkey and/or ground bison with some chopped onion and garlic, to have on hand all week long.  When I get home on weeknights, I just measure out 1 cup of the ground protein and warm-up it up in the microwave.  Meanwhile, I take 4 cups of spinach and chop it up in my Salad Chopper.  I usually buy colored bell peppers already chopped up for convenience, but if not, I chop up a red bell pepper and add it to the salad.  I dump the ground turkey or bison into the bowl with the chopped spinach and peppers, and then dump in 1/4 cup low sodium salsa (<100 mg sodium).  I use a spoon to mix it all together (salsa acting as the dressing).  Then I spoon the mixture into a microwaveable bowl, add a sprinkle of almond cheese on top and microwave 30-60 seconds to warm it up and melt the cheese.  YUM!  See pic below :)  Healthy, fat-loss goodness!

Another great lunch salad is the Chicken Chopped Cranberry Salad.  On Sundays I usually use my George Foreman to grill up a bunch of chicken cutlets with some lemon pepper on top.  For lunches throughout the week, I will take 1-2 chicken cutlets and chop them up using the Salad Chopper and place them aside.  Then I use 4 cups of spinach (you can also mix in romaine, mixed greens, arugula, etc–I just happen to love spinach), chop it up and mix with the chicken.   I might add some red onion and peppers if I have the time (if not I skip), and then about 1/8 of a cup of dried cranberries for a little added sweetness (it is key to watch portion sizes on this one–any more than 1/8 cup will be too much sugar).  Add 1-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar and mix everything together.  Yummy, healthy and clean!

Remember, salad don’t have to be elaborate to be good.  I am the queen of convenience foods (my mom always buys me those recipe books for “4 ingredients or less” for the people who are cooking-challenged–that’s me!)–I don’t particularly like to cook or have a lot of time to do it, so on-the-go fast options are important to have :)  Hope you enjoy!!  ox Jill

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