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Do Negative Emotions Like Guilt, Remorse and Self-Disgust Motivate Us?

I’m so excited to share with you ladies a recent interview I did with positive psychology researchjer and super smart (and humble!) NY Times bestselling author Shawn Achor (below!) on the utility of positive thinking on behavior change (i.e. being …

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JillFit Interview with IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Cheryl Davis

Interview by Jillian Teta I first saw Cheryl Davis while I was sitting in the audience at the NPC Elite last year. Her physique caught my eye instantly and in that moment she gained a fan in me. She won …

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Fit Gal’s Simple Skin Care Regimen

A few weeks ago, I was asked to chat about “Healthy Halloween” (is that even possible??) on the Local Fox 8 station, where I was lucky to meet Michelle Witherby in the green room. She was going on right after …

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Interview with Fitness Pro & Beautiful Badass Nia Shanks

I admit it. I have a huge crush on knowledgable and competent women in the fitness industry. Maybe it’s because compared to the large amount of guys in the field as trainers, strength coaches, authors, etc, the number of ladies …

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Interview with Fat Loss Expert Jade Teta

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jade Teta, naturopathic physician (ND), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and co-founder of the fat loss lifestyle company Metabolic Effect.  Along with being an author of “The New ME Diet” (one …

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Inspired to Fitness: FMI & Gary Warren’s Transformation Story

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Warren, one of the founders of FMI Events (along with Fitness Entrepreneur Clark Bartram) at last year’s FMI conference in October.  Gary is a hard-working, sweet guy who has been transforming his health, fitness …

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Update! JillFit Gal Vanessa Lynn: 6 Months Later

Remember the transformation piece we did on JillFit gal Vanessa Lynn, well, we thought we would check back with her now that’s it’s been 6 months since she started the JillFit program to see how she is doing.  Well, we …

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Fitness Business Interview with The EZ Whey’s Emily Zaler

As a small business owner, I am always fascinated with other business models, small business owners and how they become successful, especially in the fitness industry.  I was lucky to meet a young fitness entrepreneur, Emily Zaler at the FMI …

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