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30 Days of Fat Loss–Day #7: Fat Loss Grocery List & Meal Prep

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    It’s that time again…Sunday.  Food shopping, meal prep, cleaning, laundry…you know the drill.  At JillFit, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what we buy at the grocery store and some ideas for how to prep food, get organized and ready for the fat-loss week ahead.  Here we go!

    Step 1: Create a food list based on what you need/already have.  And don’t forget great spices and herbs too like garlic, curry, chili, cinnamon, basil, rosemary, various salt-free seasonings, and lemon pepper.  Here are our top 25 clean eats for the week:

    Chicken breasts
    Ground bison
    Eggs/Egg whites
    Whey protein powder
    Turkey breasts/lean ground turkey
    White fish
    Wild Alaskan salmon
    Bell peppers
    Mixed greens/kale/collard greens/chard
    Oat bran
    Sweet potatoes
    Brown rice
    Raw almonds
    Chunky salsa (<100 mg sodium/serving)
    Unsweetened almond milk
    Green tea/Yogi Bedtime tea
    Unsweetened cocoa powder
    Erythritol or xylitol or stevia
    Low-carb protein bars

    Step 2: Get together a plan of how you are going to prep the food on Sunday, and get meals ready for the week.  Here are some great ideas we like to use:

    Hard boil a dozen eggs and place into baggies with 3 eggs in each
    Place 20-30 raw almonds in baggies for quick grab-and-go snacks
    Make a turkey meatloaf using the oats, onions, salsa and spices
    Make a bison chili (recipe to come soon!)
    Grill up the chicken breasts on the George Foreman, and place 1 piece in several Tupperware containers
    Cook up sweet potatoes in the microwave, halve them and place a half in each Tupperware with the chicken breasts
    Stick 1-2 cups of brown rice into the slow cooker

    Step 3: Heading into the week, try to have a good idea of what you will eat each day.  People who tend to eat the same foods day in and day out usually have better fat loss success.  A daily meal plan will help keep you on track and focused, especially useful when an unexpected sweet treat appears, as it always seems to.  You will have a plan of attack in place already!  Here is an example of creating a daily food menu for yourself (I eat like this almost every day):

    Meal #1: Black coffee, 1/4 cup oat bran made with water, add 1 scoop whey protein
    Meal #2: 6 egg white omelet w/ 2 cups spinach, onions/pepper, salsa, plus 1 cup mixed berries
    Meal #3: Large mixed greens salad, add 1 grilled chicken breast, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1/2 sweet potato (add stevia/cinnamon)
    Meal #4: 1 Protein bar or 1 apple w/ 30 raw almonds
    Meal #5: Bison chili w/ 12 asparagus spears or shell-less taco salad w/ 1 cup steamed broccoli
    After dinner: Yogi Bedtime tea, optional 1/2 cup frozen cherries

    Here is a short video explanation of some of my groceries and what I will do with them this week, good luck! ox Jill

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