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30 Days of Fat Loss–Day #13: Eat ice cream, guilt-free?

It’s Saturday!  Time for a little R & R and indulgence…what if your weekend treat could be healthy and not impact your fat loss efforts?  Have you ice cream and eat it too?  :)

Today’s post is about a new product called Arctic Zero, which is an all-natural ice cream made with whey protein, and uses chicory root for sweetness.  Ever wanted to eat an entire PINT of ice cream?  I’ll admit I have probably polished off a Phish Food or two in my day…but the best part about Arctic Zero is that an entire pint only contains 150 calories!!  AND only 28 grams of carbs in the entire thing.

Check out the nutritional info:

Remember, if you are sensitive to dairy you might need to watch out for the whey protein base (since it is made from milk).  Keep it to a single serving (1/2 cup) if you are sensitive to dairy or have insulin issues, as this product will still raise insulin some.  You can find Arctic Zero at Whole Foods Market stores and online at

For the most part, a great product that we love–and if you are going to indulge, why not do it with something that tastes good and is relatively guilt-free?  Pumpkin Spice?  Yes, please! :) Enjoy! ox Jill

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