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30 Days of Fat Loss–Day #21: Halloween Special! Fat-loss-friendly Candy!

Halloween!!  It’s the one day of the year that you have permission to eat as much candy as you want, right??!!  WRONG!! Just because your kiddos are bringing home lots of your chocolatey and fruity faves, you must remember your fat loss goals and instead opt for something that is lower in sugar that will not sabotage all your fat-loss efforts.  Besides, we know how easy it is as an adult to induce water retention and fat gain by seemingly just looking at sugar!  Gone are the days of eating whatever we want and not suffering the consequences.

It is important to understand that between fat and sugar, fat is the lesser of the two evils in terms of body composition, so we should always opt for low/no sugar over low/non-fat.  In this blog, we feature some of our favorite low sugar candies/treats that you can enjoy for Halloween without guilt!

Vosges Sugar-free Chocolate Bars: These are our all-time favorite fat-loss-friendly candy bars, and can be found at Whole Foods Market stores or online.  They come in 2 varieties: one spicy cinnamon version and an almond sea salt one to diet for, both made with deep milk chocolate.  Some of the best-tasting chocolate bars around, never mind that they are sugar-free!  Both are gluten-free and dairy-free and use the sugar alcohol maltitol to sweeten, a natural sweetener. Be aware that consuming too much maltitol can make you gassy and bloated so we recommended sticking to the 1/3 bar serving size :)

Joseph’s Cookies: Joseph’s is known for its sugar-free products including maple syrup, brownies, cookies and peanut butter.  We are fans of the cookie because they are low carb, taste pretty good and come in a bunch of different varieties.  They do contain flour so you need to watch the serving size, and they are sweetened with maltitol as well.  They are all natural and you can find them at any Whole Foods or Fresh Market stores, as well as online.  The chocolate chip cookies are the yummiest!

Simply Lite Low Carb Chocolate: These bars are sold exclusively at Trader Joe’s stores and online. One word: YUM!  Some of the best tasting low carb chocolate, sweetened with maltitol, all natural.  Chocolate bars come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and dark chocolate with almond varieties.  All are phenomenal, 3 squares is all you need to satisfy!

Clemmy’s Ice Cream: Not exactly a chocolate, but with so many people who love ice cream, it’s good to have some great fat-loss alternatives (in addition to Arctic Zero).  Clemmy’s is sugar-free and sweetened instead with xylitol and maltitol.  It is still dairy, and similar to ice cream, it is made with heavy cream so be aware of that if you are sensitive to dairy or lactose intolerant.  Comes in 6 different flavors, and has the same texture and taste of real ice cream.  Just be sure to watch your serving size!!

Happy Halloween!! :) Enjoy! ox Jill

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