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The FMI Experience

During the “30 Days of Fat Loss” campaign on, there was a lot of other goings-ons with the JillFit crew, and I want to catch everyone up to speed.  In late October, I headed to Redondo Beach, CA for the FMI (Fitness Model International) Conference put on by business partners/entrepreneurs Gary Warren and Clark Bartram, the man who essentially defined today’s “fitness model.” Learn more about this dynamic duo by checking out Clark Bartram (“America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional”) here, follow FMI on Facebook and Twitter and follow Gary on Twitter.

Getting ready to do an ice-breaker with some of the photographers and learn!

FMI is essentially a 4-day fitness modeling bootcamp where up-and-coming fitness models gather to learn from successful models/fitness professionals/agents, interact with other enthusiasts, learn the business, learn how to submit to magazines, not to mention get to shoot with some of the top photographers in the industry.  There were 7 amazing photographers there, and each model chose 3 to shoot with…I had the privilege of shooting with Harry Grisgby, Leigh Hagan of Imirage Photography and James Patrick (not to mention a side shoot with Power System’s Harvey Elkins).  Check out a few of their captures:

From the talented Harry Grigsby, taken on Redondo Beach Pier

Taken by James Patrick, a pleasure to work with and an incredible photographer

More to come… :)

Clark, Gary and the guest speakers they featured represented such a wealth of knowledge and experience, it was an an amazing opportunity to be able to learn from their expertise.  And not only was the weekend incredibly informative and invaluable on a business level, but it was unbelievably inspirational!  All the models who attended were top-notch, most already published many times over and the energy of the group was electric.  Not to mention, everyone was so open, sweet and eager to meet each other and learn from one another.

I met some incredible fitness biz people like Emily Zaler of The EZ Whey Cookbook, roomed with fit model and NPC Bikini Competitor Adriana Cesar, a complete sweetheart who helped keep me straight all weekend, and went on a wild goose chase trying to find a location shoot with Tonia, Amanda, Rhonie and Shannon!  We found the shoot with 1 hour left until sun-down, basically repelled a mountain to get to it and then froze our dieted-down behinds off as we waited to shoot, but how worth it it was once the images came to fruition!!  The conference mantra of “You are not just a fitness model” came to mind, and reminded me to add “rock climber” to my list of skills in my modeling agency book!  :)  An unforgettable trip!

It was such a fun, energizing experience and I cannot wait to go back!  Next one is in Phoenix April 8-10th, 2011.  I would highly recommend attending an FMI conference to any fitness model who is wanting to learn from the best, network with others who are doing it successfully and make a lot of great new friendships in the biz (not to mention get some incredible images)!   Here are some highlights from the weekend!

Brrrr….it’s cold out here and we are in biknis!!  BTW, where the heck are we?? lol

Amazing view!!

My roomie Adriana and I at dinner at The Cheesecake Factory after a long day of shooting

Photographer Mike Byerly and his sweet sis Sonya, out to dinner with us :)

The Man, Mr. Harry Grigsby! A complete sweetheart!

Helping Leigh with lighting–I wasn’t too good at it!

See you next year FMI!

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