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11 Things Lean People Do Everyday

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Working with hundreds of clients over thousands of workouts and transformations, I have discovered some tried and true habits of the lean and healthy.  And although at JillFit, we are strong believers in providing each client a customized diet and workout regimen to address their specific needs, there exist some simple common denominators for living the fat loss lifestyle.  Here are our tops! Adopt a few of these daily rituals and see what happens with your fat loss efforts :)  Let me know how it goes! ox Jill

  1. Eat breakfast – protein + veggies/fruit + 1 serving complex carb within an hour of waking
  2. Drink water – we recommend at least 3L plain water each day, lean people consume this more than any other beverage
  3. Weight train – the #1 most effective way to boost metabolism, burn more calories throughout the day and stay functional & focused
  4. Protein at every meal – #1 priority at each meal is at least 15-20 grams of protein: stay fuller longer, balance mood & cravings, preserve muscle
  5. Fruit or vegetable at every meal – #2 priority at each meal is a serving of low glycemic index carbs from fruit or veggies
  6. Supplement – fish oil is key, others we like are L-arginine, branched-chain amino acids and whey protein post-workout, though ultimately each individual needs to recognize their body’s specific needs
  7. Eat every 3 hours – consume a small meal every few hours to stabilize blood sugar, limit excessive cortisol release and prevent overeating later
  8. Positive attitude – people who BELIEVE they have the power to change or get healthy or lose weight are way more likely to be successful at it
  9. Walk – whether it is a walk around the block, a 60-min jaunt through the woods or walking to a car parked far away from a door, people who increase their N.E.A.T (non-exercise associated thermogenesis) through taking stairs more often, fidgeting, walking to a colleagues office rather than calling, getting up every 30 minutes to stretch, for example add to their overall caloric expenditure significantly over time
  10. Ritualistic recharge – taking time to relax, reduce stress and take “me” time away from obligations, even if it’s 20 minutes is important to staying focused on goals, recharge batteries and gaining peace of mind – I like to read for 30 minutes before bed every night
  11. Bed by 10pm – getting at least 8 hours of sleep is a tried and true way to boost fat loss potential

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