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21 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution

Many of us will give up on our resolutions before we even start because we don’t have the tools we need at the outset.  Here are some of my tricks and tips to help you stay on track with your fitness & nutrition goals this new year! :) Good luck!! ox Jill

1) Create a weekly grocery list you stick to every week (here’s ours)
2) Find a workout buddy that can train at the same time every day, has similar goals and is at a similar fitness level
3) Indulge in some new fit gear: sneakers, ipod, cute workout ensembles, etc
4) Buy a reusable gallon container, fill it up at the beginning of every day and don’t go to bed until you have finished it
5) Food shop on Saturdays
6) Prepare food for the week on Sundays
7) Prepare bulk meals like our Healthy Bison Chili or hard boil a dozen eggs for easy meals throughout the week
8 ) Invest in a kick-ass blender like a Vitamix or Magic Bullet–nothing satisfies a sweet craving like a big, yummy protein milkshake or fruit smoothie!
9) Find a tea that you like–this can be a go-to activity when you want to nibble after dinner to keep your mouth occupied–we like Yogi Bedtime Tea (check out our nighttime rituals)
10) Be realistic–if you are currently not working out at all, start with 2x/week, rather than 6…working your way up is better than being too ambitious and then failing (again!)
11) Count your bites of sweets–nothing is “off limits”–use the Metabolic Effect rule of 3 bites of sweets per day (i.e. 1 small cookie or 3 Hershey kisses)–you will never go overboard nor will you feel completely deprived
12) Guess what? You’re going to mess up–don’t get bogged down with disappointment…move on…one clean meal is all you need to get back on track
13) Get a subscription to your favorite magazine (like OnFitness, with contributions from myself as well as others from the ME Team)–it will get you through cardio sessions when you just don’t feel like it–remember, something is ALWAYS better than nothing
14) Do what you love when exercising.  If you hate running, don’t sign up for a half marathon just because you “should run.” If you love dancing, do Zumba. If you love lifting, take a month off cardio.  Just get moving, don’t always get bogged down with choosing the “right” exercise
15) Choose 3 supplements you can commit to take daily–don’t overload yourself with every single supplement on the market–figure out the 3 most important ones for your needs and commit to taking just those, perhaps start with a high-quality fish oil
16) If looking for a new gym, find one close to your home, even if it is more expensive or doesn’t have as high-end amenities as others.  Convenience trumps most everything else when adherence is concerned
17) Don’t give up everything all at once–if your vices are chocolate, coffee and wine–choose to cut back on one in January, another in February and if you just cannot live without your daily cup o’ joe, attempt to take it black in March
18) Get your family and friends on board–switch a Girls’ Night Out to a Saturday hike and stop buying sugary snacks for kids and spouses. If it is something you shouldn’t be eating, they probably shouldn’t be either.
19) Try a food at least 10 times before ruling it out–it may take that many times to train yourself to like fish or veggies, but the more exposed you are to it, the more your palate will acclimate
20) Find a good go-to protein bar…though not ideal, arm yourself with good options for those weeks when Sunday meal prep is just not going to happen–check out our faves
21) Don’t give up! The best way to succeed is to not quit :) You are not going to be perfect, but practice makes progress!!!

Happy New Year from the JillFit crew!! :)

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