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From Tired to Transformed: Kara’s Before & After Testimonial

We love this testimonial from our client Kara Silva.  She is only one example of how many of our clients have taken the ball and run with it after teaming up with JillFit.  Kara has always been into fitness, but was stuck on the diet part and didn’t know where to turn.  Once she started with JillFit, she began educating herself, learning more about the Fat Loss Lifestyle through Metabolic Effect and even beginning on the path to becoming an ME Certified Nutrition Consultant.  Very cool! Here is her story, thank you for sharing Kara! :)

Ok – Not exaggerating here… my greatest find in 2010 –  Jillfit Physiques @  You may have heard the saying: “You cannot out train a bad diet”. Believe me, I have tried!! I am not even sure you can out train a healthy diet. Who knew there was a difference between eating healthy and eating for fat loss?

I have loved working out for a long time. I have run half and full marathons and completed some of the toughest at home workout programs out there and my body has never been where I feel like I am capable of. This has caused countless tears, frustration, anger and food binges.
My body loves muscle and I carry it well. I would look at fitness magazines and think I KNOW I can do that.

Why can’t I get there? I thought I was lazy and broken. Food has been my biggest struggle. I am a carb crazy girl – give me cereal for breakfast, rice for lunch and bread and pasta for dinner!  I have been struggling with unfounded depression and extreme fatigue for years.  Bingeing was a regular habit for me. In September, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I spent a month eating all gluten free processed food and still felt like crap.
In October,  I saw an article featuring Tara Ballard in the Clean Eating newsletter. In that article was a link to the Jillfit.comwebsite, I clicked on it. Wow – a group of women trainers who helpwomen get ready for competition. They even have a general fat loss plan for those not looking to take the stage. Something clicked for me… I had some fears – why would this will be any different than anything I have tried before? And believe me I have tried lots of programs! But a conversation with Jill convinced me to try.
Jillian Teta was assigned as my coach. She has been so fantastic – very supportive and patient and such a cheerleader for me!!  The results have been beyond my wildest dreams – I am finally stepping into the body that I have always envisioned for myself.
On a daily basis, I was very aware of how I wasn’t struggling any more with food or bingeing and my energy level was much more consistent. I finally felt like I wasn’t crazy. I was working out hard and seeing the results that I had been wanting for years.
During the first 5 weeks of this plan, I was also training to run a half marathon. Despite being told that long distance running and fat loss don’t go hand in hand, I was still making fat loss progress.  I ate according to plan in all the days. On running days I did add my normal pre, during and post running foods in as needed – a banana with peanut butter in the morning, running gu in the middle of a long run, and a recovery shake afterwards. I felt good through out the whole running training plan.  I loved all the good healthy food I was eating.  What started as an experiment for 12 weeks has turned into the first step on a whole new journey.
My results:
Weight: 14 lb loss (159 to 145)
Inches lost: 6.75 total inches
I can’t thank Jillian and Jillfit enough for introducing me to eating for fat loss and for helping me build the body that I have always wanted!!  I am looking forward to continue to work with Jillfit to continue to reach my fitness/body composition goals!!

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