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Interval Insanity Workout for Lean Legs

It was my pleasure to take one of my best friends, Mrs. Sara Baker through a tough treadmill and lower body plyometric workout this past weekend.  We were in Austin, TX for a girls’ get-away, neither of us had ever been, and despite going out on 6th street the night before, we of course hit the gym bright and early Saturday morning!

This treadmill interval workout is a quick, no-brainer workout that you can do with no weights and gets the job done in only 30 minutes.  I love workouts like this (which you can tell if you have tried some of my other faves from this blog!) because it gets the lungs going, as well as induces the legs to failure throughout.  This is essentially a metabolic conditioning workout for the legs, that will have you burning for hours after the workout is over.  Keep in mind that this is an advanced workout, so you may need to adjust based on your own fitness level.  Remember to get breathless and burning at times throughout and you know you will have accomplished your goal :)

Here is the video which samples the workout, and the workout itself is written below.  Good luck, let me know what you think! ox Jill

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