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10 Steps to Consider If You Have Hit a Plateau

By Jillian Teta

Almost inevitably, at one point or another, those of us seeking body change and fat loss have reached a plateau with our results that we have a difficult time budging out of.  In order for you to get those inches melting off again, check in with the following list of 10 items to see if there is a little detail you could tighten up to further your gorgeous physique goals :)

  1. Water: Adequate hydration is crucial for fat loss. What’s more, dehydration can actually make you hold on to excess water, making you look puffy. Ideally, you want to drink enough so that the urine remains a very pale, clear yellow. Those getting ready for the stage should be drinking a gallon of water daily!
  2. Enough protein? Protein is the macronutrient responsible for blood sugar regulation, and without adequate protein on board, it is nearly impossible to get in fat-burning mode.
  3. Enough fiber? With all of that talk about protein, fiber and veggies can get left behind. It is worth always having veggies cooked up and ready to be packed.
  4. Enough sleep? Sleep is prime time for fat-burning, acting as a hormonal reset button. Make sleep a priority for you. Try Yogi’s Bedtime Tea to help you wind down at night – we love it here at JillFit.
  5. Wrong foods for you? Some foods, like dairy, fruit, nuts, gluten-containing grains or sugar alcohols can be a problem for you (especially if over-consumed) while well tolerated by others. Take a look at the foods you are eating and consider if any of them could be inhibiting your fat loss.
  6. Throw in some sprints – Whenever you feel that your progress has stalled, a couple of sprint workouts are a great option to be tossed into your weekly routine. Do treadmill incline sprints or, even better, a track workout. Sprints will jump start your metabolism and get you moving in the right direction again. Check out some of our faves!
  7. Enough real foods? Sometimes, utilizing too many convenience options like bars and powders can slow down our progress because we are not eating enough “real” fat-loss foods like veggies and lean meats. Also, bars and powders often contain sugar alcohols, which can be an issue for some.  Food list here!
  8. Too much booze? Having more than one drink with a reward meal can almost certainly inhibit fat loss, particularly around the midsection. Alcohol turns off fat burning systems at the level of the liver, and can easily be overdone. We love booze as much as the next person, but if we’re not seeing results, it is one of the first things to go.
  9. Carb tipping? Are you eating too many carbs, or eating them too late? Everyone has a unique balance of carbohydrate intake that supports energy but does not blunt fat loss, and it can be a little tricky to find that “sweet spot”. Look at portion sizes. For optimal fat loss, a serving of carb should be around 4 ounces, or ½ cup.  Eating carbs past 6pm can be a problem as well.
  10. Reality check. Lastly, make sure you have indeed slowed down with your progress! Take weekly measurements and pictures to monitor your progress, and try to have your body fat measured every one to two weeks. This will help you verify if you have stalled.

What are some other reasons your fat-loss or body change goals have stalled? What have you done to get your physique “going” again? We love to hear from you! ox Jillian

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