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Full-Body, No-Equipment, Do-Anywhere Workout

By Emily Saunders

We are all BUSY!  I don’t think I know one person that if I asked them how they have been their answer would not include the word “busy”.  One of the biggest fat loss lifestyle challenges for many is sticking with it when life gets in the way.  I know from my own busy life that being prepared and never making excuses are two of the most important keys to fat loss success!

So what do you do when your evening gym trip gets pushed aside because of a work or family mini-crisis?  Try this short and intense Metabolic Effect Rest-Based workout demonstrated by Jillfit Client Jill Goldbach.  In 25 minutes you will have achieved a full body burn that will activate those fat burning hormones even on the days that there is no way to make it to the gym.  This workout can be performed in any hotel room, park, rest area, living room, or on the beach… extra props if you try it in the airport!  No equipment, guilt or excuses necessary!  I would love to hear your strategies for getting your workouts in when you are short on time too!!  –Emily

(See workout written out below)

Begin with a 3-5 minute warmup of jogging in place, static squats, alternating lunges and pushups.

Exercise Duration Lower Impact Alternative
Switch Jumps 30 seconds Alternating Lunges no jump
Squat Thrusts 30 seconds Step feet backward and forward rather than jumping
Mountain Climbers 30 seconds Take out jump- alternate driving knee toward opposite elbow
Popping Push-ups 30  seconds Take out pop- regular pushups
New Jacks 30  seconds Step Out and In –no jump
Frog Jumps 30 seconds No jump- just touch floor and stand
Rest 30 seconds -1 minute

Repeat for a total of 4 rounds.
Finish with a 3-5 minute cool down including dynamic stretches.

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