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Fat to Fit: Getting Started On Your Fat Loss Journey

We get a lot of inquires from people who are new to the Fat Loss Lifestyle (FLL) and wondering where to start. So, voila! Here are my top tips for switching into fat burning mode right now–a handful of KEY changes that you can begin to do to introduce your physique and metabolism to the FLL.

Something to remember–these tips will work best for people who are new to the Metabolic Effect way of doing things or have hit a plateau doing things the old way (eat less, exercise more).  If you have been following Metabolic Effect & JillFit for a while, you probably already know most of these and instead you should send this blog to a friend or family member who is wanting to make a change but doesn’t know where to start :)

Lace up and get started!

#1) Get a good overview of the Fat Loss Lifestyle by reading The Metabolic Effect Diet book by Jade Teta & Keoni Teta. This book is scientifically sound and represents a REASONABLE approach to nutrition & exercise–no extreme measures, just learning about and working with your individual metabolism, hence the acronym “ME”

#2) Start lifting weights. Yes, it is more important than cardio or jogging or aerobics or swimming or walking, etc.  Your metabolism, joints, bones, muscles, soft tissues, balance, stability, strength and power will thank you.  Grab a set of dumbbells and do this workout or do what I did when I got started, and go to the gym and watch what other people do :) 3x/week is optimal but 1x/week is better than nothing!

#3) Cut all refined (i.e. simple) sugars from your diet–this includes everything from table sugar to donuts, cake, cookies, candy, pies, muffins, fruit juice, soda, sweetened drinks like lemonade, etc.  If you have never done this before, this single change will produce the greatest results.

#4) Eat protein at every meal and don’t do starch alone (without protein)–switch it up amongst chicken, eggs, egg whites, protein powder, turkey, bison, steak, white fishes, salmon and pork. Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer and slows the speed at which accompanying starches are absorbed.

#5) Begin taking a high potency fish oil supplement. My favorite supplement, it helps with fat loss, reduces inflammation and helps with cognition. Here is the one I use.  HINT: the fishier the taste/aftertaste, the poorer the quality.

#6) Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Getting enough rest sets the tone for the next day–whether you eat well or poorly, whether you have energy or are fatigued, whether you are motivated to exercise or not, etc. Plus, it helps with muscle recovery after workouts and is a key time when the body releases the anti-aging hormone, human growth hormone. Want to look younger? Sleep your ass off :)

There you go! Short and simple! My tops for beginners! If a beginner can implement even a few of these, they will experience significant body change. For you seasoned Fat Loss Lifestylers out there, I will be blogging soon on what you can do to experience even greater physique changes. More to come :) ox Jill

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