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Workout Wednesday: Circuits for Capped Shoulders!

By Emily Saunders

I love shoulder day!  Currently my training focus includes my glutes and delts so I include shoulder exercises in my chest and triceps workout and then also train one day of shoulders alone.  In my opinion, sculpted delts are absolutely beautiful on women and convey strength and athleticism. Shapely shoulders also make the waist appear smaller and help to balance lower body curves :)

It is important to make sure your workout hits all three parts of the deltoids: the anterior (front), lateral (center) and posterior delts.  Also, because they are a smaller muscle group the delts can burn out fast!  This workout includes heavy exercises that work the entire muscle group as well as lighter more focused exercises that target one portion of the muscle.  I did this workout with fellow Jillfit competitor Tre Lahman last Thursday and we were toast after only 30 minutes.  Enjoy!!!

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