Wednesday Workout: Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout

By Emily Saunders

Hello there! It’s workout Wednesday and time to get outside and enjoy the somewhat cooler weather.  I have been doing a lot of traveling lately on the weekends forcing me to be creative in concocting workouts with no equipment or gym.  On Sunday mornings I usually hit the track and stadium for a killer stair/sprint workout and was looking for something comparable.

My husband and I spent two weekends in a row in the NC and VA mountains and were easily able to find long, steep hills steps away from our cottages.  We turned them into our gym for the weekend!  Below is one of the workouts- all you need is an 80-100 meter hill (the steeper the better!), a mat and a stop watch.  Remember to rest as needed during the plyometrics portions.  Enjoy the burn!!

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