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One of my favorite things…Costco, for eating clean on a budget

By Sara Baker

As a fitness professional, I often hear excuses of why people do not eat healthy.  Cost is one of the most used excuses.  Jill has blogged before about eating clean on a budget.  This time of year can be especially hard since most of us are spending extra money on travel for the holidays and holiday gifts.  However, I still believe you can eat clean on a budget no matter what time of the year.   It just takes a little extra time and effort but we all know it is well worth it.

One of my favorite places to shop is Costco.  Now, I know you are thinking that you do not need a 10lb jar of peanut butter or 8 bottles of salsa at one time but Costco has really stepped up with their organic products.  I usually shop at Sprouts for most of my produce and other items.  But most of my meat products come from Costco.  They just started carrying organic chicken breasts and a few weeks ago I found organic, cage free eggs!  Check out the price comparisons below and you will see the membership fee is well worth it.  Remember prices and selection might vary by state but most of their products are fairly consistent nationwide.

The other grocery item I go through weekly is almond milk.  I am very excited as I did see Costco carrying gallons of almond milk; however, I have yet to see the unsweetened stuff yet!   But hopefully soon.   Though I often prefer fresh vegetables, I do buy frozen to have if I am in a pinch or out of fresh vegetables.  Many of Costco’s frozen vegetables are organic as well.  My favorite are the green beans.   They also have organic coffee, organic salmon burgers, and the list goes on.

Spending a little extra money on good quality food is well worth it.  My theory is that you either pay for it now or will pay for it in some other form later!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am grateful to be a part of the JillFit family and thankful for all our loyal readers and followers. ox Sara


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