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Workout: High-Intensity Chest/Triceps & Shoulder Training

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By Emily Saunders

Hello Jillfit readers and Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s Workout Wednesday and time to kick it into gear with a fat Burning Chest/Triceps/Shoulders workout!  Now that my competition season has ended, I am in maintenance mode and giving my body a little bit of a break from super heavy lifting on each and every split.  I am pretty happy with my muscle mass at this point so I have started working with lighter weights and higher reps to get into the Metabolic Effect fat burning zone. Metabolic Effect has 4 key components to help us figure out when we are reaching the point of fat burning “afterburn”, otherwise known as the “Bs and the Hs”.  Am I breathless?  Are my muscles burning?  Do the weights feel heavy?  Am I HOT and Sweaty?  Try out the workout below and let me know if it gets you to that place!  Here’s to pre-turkey day fat burning :)

I did this workout this morning with my workout buddy, and Jillfit competitor, Tre yesterday and I am definitely feeling it!!

Complete each movement for 1 minute, take a 30 second rest between sets- repeat for a total of 4 rounds.  The second and last exercise involve “up chains” which allow for additional burn and induce muscle fatigue and failure.  Here is an example for the first exercise:  Rep 1: 1 chest press, 1 chest fly, Rep 2: 1 chest press, 2 chest flies, Rep 3:  1 chest press, 3 chest flies etc. until you reach 1 minute.

And one last pointer… REMEMBER that Thanksgiving is about giving THANKS and being surrounded by loved ones.  Savor the true meaning of Thanksgiving and choose to create a memory with your loved ones rather than simply stuffing your face with food and miserably watching football all day!  I’m by no means saying to totally stay away from stuffing and mashed potatoes, but enjoy the meal in moderation and then go out and play football, take a walk, play Rock Band etc. for an evening full of laughs and smiles.  Be aware of your actions and make conscious decisions of what to eat and how much.  It is very easy to fall into “old habits” when we are surrounded by social pressures and “old circumstances” like Mom’s house for Thanksgiving.  Remember that you are in control of your choices including your splurges  At the same time, don’t be too hard on yourself and remember, if you overdo it then it’s just one meal.  Jump right back into your fat loss friendly meals and don’t wait until Monday or New Years :)  I certainly have a lot to be thankful for and will spend the day with my many friends in Winston-Salem that have become my second family when I can’t be with my real one! ox Emily

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