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Simple Treadmill Interval Workout

When we think of intervals, we think “short & hard” which is the general rule of thumb. The shorter the workout, the more intensity you can generate. Usually my cardio workouts are 25 minutes or less for that very reason.

But every once in a while, I feel like training a little longer and here is one of my go-to workouts. This is what is called “aerobic intervals” where you stay below your anaerobic threshold most, if not all, of the time. This is a flat treadmill workout, no incline, so I am able to really pump out the speed on these. This is an intermediate-to-advanced workout, so be sure to adjust as necessary to your fitness level. Remember, the majority of your interval cardio workouts should be short (<30 min) and intense, so implement this workout once every couple weeks or so for a change. Good luck! ox Jill

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