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Exercise Is Not My Passion…

…Well, it is, in a partial way, but it has evolved into much more than that…

This week, I am down in Tampa, FL interviewing applicants to take over my current full-time job position, from which I am resigning in June. I love young fitness professionals–full of excitement, passion for fitness and go-get-it-ness. Ahh, to be 22 again…

Naturally, it got me to thinking about my passion. It’s exercise, right? …or is it?

As I thought about it, I was surprised by the insight that “the high” I used to get from actually exercising in my teens and early 20s is not such a huge piece of my personal fulfillment puzzle anymore. I used to teach up to 10 fitness classes a week simply because I couldn’t believe someone would actually PAY me to workout! (still think group fitness is one of the best jobs on earth). And though I still exercise daily and relish an intense, body-changing workout, I don’t have the same attitude toward exercise (train for training’s sake) that I used to. And so, the question remained…what fulfills me now?

For all intents and purposes, I am a fitness professional. But what does THAT mean?? When you tell someone at a cocktail party that you are a fitness professional, they look at you sideways. In fact, the only people who actually know what a fitness professional is, are fitness professionals. So it occurred to me…what do I do, really? I help people change, learn and grow. Hmm, I guess in that way I am closer to a teacher than a fitness professional. Shocking. But also satisfying. Ahhhh, yes.

I am at my most energized when I am learning and teaching–about body change, and about body esteem It’s my passion. I like being introspective. I like gaining insight into human behavior. I like seeking, creating and disseminating information to help others achieve their goals (and often it is acts as more of a personal reminder), whether it’s to lose 10 lbs, get an ass-kicking workout and feel great, or simply learn to like themselves more and assure them that they are not alone in their body esteem journey.

It has occurred to me that over the last year, the JillFit blog and its message has taken on a more introspective tone. More about understanding our personal struggles with body esteem and how we relate to our bodies, than about simply killing ourselves in the gym (though that is always fun too!). Though it would be nice and neat if it was all simply about the physical, the fact of the matter is, it is impossible to separate your physique goals from your mental game.

Some questions: How can the two coexist in harmony? Can you be satisfied with your body, while also maintaining THE DRIVE to make it leaner? Does liking your body mean you automatically give up and say, “I’m good, I can stop working at it now.” ?

Or, is there a way that the two messages can be understood together: You can eat a cookie and still like yourself after?

If you have been reading this blog, you know what my answer is :)

JillFit-the-company is going through some big changes in the coming months, including a rebranding and a remodeling of the JillFit Lifestyle site, as well as building the Elite Coaching Club Mentorship. Very cool changes, and exciting stuff! But, as I think about the future direction of the company and in light of the fact that I am now “officially” leaving my full-time job to pursue JillFit and Metabolic Effect full-time, I wonder, what is the message I want to get across and how can I use my passion as it is now defined to help women with both body change AND body esteem at the same time? The two are certainly not mutually exclusive, that much we know. And if they are, then let’s just give up now :)

Perhaps it will look something like this: Physical fitness + Mental “fitness” = Reaching ultimate happiness, fulfillment & potential

And so, I am asking you: What do YOU love about JillFit and our message? What resonates with you the most? Why do you come and read our blogs? TELL US! Right now. We want to hear from you! And in the end, we want to give you exactly what you want.

As always, thank you for your enthusiasm, support and virtual love. And thank you for being the highlight of my day :) Looking forward to hearing from you! oxox Jill

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