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Coach Emily: Announcing JillFit Baby News!

Message from JillFit Coach Emily Saunders :) 

Hi Ladies,

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that the first Jillfit baby is on the way!  My husband and I are expecting our little one’s arrival in mid January and could not be more excited.  I am more than thrilled to be able to share this journey with the Jillfit readers.  I know many have questions about trying to conceive while living the fat loss lifestyle and staying fit during pregnancy.  As a matter of fact, due to so little information being available about fit pregnancies, I have started a new site ( with information about my pregnancy adventure, my workouts, my diet and all of the many things that pregnant women face.  I plan to be very transparent and share exactly what I’m experiencing.   After the baby is born I hope to share my voyage back to fitness and include information about healthy diets for breastfeeding and fat loss, product reviews, and so much more!

Isn’t it funny how so many things in life don’t happen the way that we expect them to?   When my husband and I started talking last year about starting a family I had a nice picture in my mind about how it would all work out.  I would be pregnant naturally in a few months after stopping oral contraceptives and would be the model pregnant Mommy eating only clean organic foods, continuing my workouts and setting a good example.

Well, I am HAPPY to announce that neither of those things worked out exactly how I had imagined.  My journey has allowed me to learn more about my own resilience and to cut myself some slack.  It’s also provided me with a great new perspective that I am excited to share with others.  I will share more about my journey through infertility later, but let’s just say that I did not expect things to be quite so complicated.

Despite many warnings, I also had no idea that first trimester exhaustion and nausea could be so powerful. There were days when I could hardly get out of bed let alone try to exercise.  There were also days when my diet consisted strictly of canned soup and saltines and others when I insisted my husband go pick up mashed potatoes from KFC.  I had trouble (and still do) eating anything that was cooked in my house.  The sight and smell of meat immediately made me nauseous and vegetables were the last thing I wanted.  At times I felt like a fraud.

At 12 Weeks along!

I am very happy to announce that at 12 weeks I am feeling significantly better with only occasional bouts of nausea and far fewer food aversions.  I am now able to eat lots of veggies and most meats and am eating carbs at every meal.  I have incorporated some full fat dairy and whole grains back into my diet as my body seems to crave them.  My energy has returned and I am now able to exercise most days of the week.  While the intensity is not quite what it was before, my body loves movement and I am continuing to weight train using Jillfit and Metabolic Effect protocols.   I have learned to cut myself some slack and enjoy this journey while making sure to keep myself and my baby as healthy as possible.

Again, I am thrilled to share this journey with each of you and hope that if healthy pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and fertility are of interest to you that you will check out my new site at!

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