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Cardio + Leg + Core Workout

By Tara Ballard

This is a workout I pulled from my archives this past week. I hope you enjoy! Remember – “push until you can’t, rest until you can” – Metabolic Effect style! As always, adjust weights/speed to your fitness level.

Warm-up as needed

Part 1 – Cardio:

Incline treadmill sprints:

  • 15% incline
  • 30 secs sprint; 45 secs rest
  • Beginning speed: 7.0, bump it up by .1 with each successive sprint
  • Complete 8 sprints – 10 minutes total

Part 2 – Legs: 

Complete each of the following for 1 min (round 1), then 45 secs (round 2), then 30 secs each (round 3):

  • Step-up / Squat, alternating legs – moderate to heavy dumbbells
  • Single-leg squat (full pistol) – Right leg
  • Single-leg squat (full pistol) – Left leg
  • Weighted switch jumps – light to moderate dumbbells

Part 3 – Core

3 sets of the following circuit:

  • 15 x hanging leg raises
  • 15 x v-ups on bench – straight legs
  • 15 x each side side Russian twist, feet elevated, moderate weight

Cool down as needed.
Including warm-up and cool-down, this should take 30 minutes or less.

Have fun! Ox Tara

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