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Coach Emily: Exactly What I Eat (27 Weeks Pregnant)

By Emily Saunders

Hey Jillfit Gals!

Recently a few followers mentioned that they wanted to see more “days in the life” of the Jillfit coaches and I have tons of people ask me how I am eating and exercising as I have moved into my third trimester of pregnancy so here goes.  For more details on my “Fit Pregnancy” please check out my blog at or find me on Facebook :).

With Wiggy at the Baby Shower last weekend. This week at the gym–post-workout :)

Keep in mind that this is an average day and some days I don’t feel like exercising intensely or I feel like my body needs more or less food.  As I am NOT trying to achieve fat loss right now, but instead keep both myself and my baby healthy, I listen to my body closer than I ever have before.

Drink 4 Liters of Water and lots of unsweet herbal and green tea throughout the day

6am:  Wake Up- Low Caffeine coffee with almond milk and truvia, 1/3 cup blueberries

6:30am: 20-30 minutes of modified HIIT cardio (5 days per week) (step mill, modified “sprints”,  incline walk or recumbent bike), 1 to 2 days leisure walk with my doggie J

7:00am: 20-30 minutes Weight Training- Monday- Heavy Upper Body (Chest and  Tris), Tuesday:  20 minute Full Body, Wednesday:  Heavy Lower Body, Thursday:  OFF,  Friday:  Shoulders or Full Body, Saturday:  Lighter Lower Body, Sunday:  Rest

7:30am- 1/3 cup Oatbran cooked with unsweet almond milk and large handful blueberries, 2 eggs plus 3 egg whites scrambled (usually with mushrooms and spinach)

8:30-6pm Work- Sitting most of the day but I get up and walk around as much as I can.  I also try to get some walking in on my lunch break to minimize back pain and swelling

10:30am or earlier if hungry:  Small Green protein pancake with small peach or more blueberries (yes I LOVE them) and Joseph’s SF syrup

1:30pm:  Salad with protein and lots of veggies along with a handful of cheese or nuts plus dressing- I have been LOVING greek salads lately.  I have also been eating a handful of croutons here and there when I feel like I need some carbs.  I normally order this out as for some reason during pregnancy I do not like salads I prepare myself.

4:30pm: Pumpkin Greek Yogurt (mix equal parts greek yogurt and pumpkin- add cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and sweetener- I use xylitol- as desired) with nuts or small container greek yogurt plus one apple

6:30-7:30pm: Personal Training Clients, Class at Church, Junior League Meetings or Errands

8:00pm: Protein and Veggies OR Meaty Chili made with Organic Ground Beef and a low carb wrap folded in half with a slice of cheese and made into a quesadilla.  Below is a recent concoction of chicken sausage “spaghetti” served over sautéed broccoli slaw

Before Bed:  Decaf Chai tea and sometimes a cup of sugar free pudding or a bite of low sugar dark chocolate

Bed by 10pm

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