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9 Ways to Quit Obsessing Over Your Food and Exercise

In order to attain a very lean physique, it takes a certain amount of obsession. And I say that with zero unkindness and with no judgment. It’s just a fact. It’s difficult to attain a super lean body without prepping …

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Why the Advice “Just Eat More to Rev Your Metabolism” is Misguided

Though he hates the attention, one of the perks to being married to a professional brainiac is that we get to constantly discuss really awesome stuff–biochemistry, research, behavior, psychology, natural health, relationships, personal development, learning, growing, risking, improving. Many have …

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The JillFit Birthday Workout

“Holy sh*t.” … seemed to be the only words I could breathe around all the gasping for air that was going on. Tara and I were in the middle of the JillFit Birthday Workout, doing it for the first time …

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Next Up For Tara: How To Be A Runner & Keep Your Muscle

By Tara Ballard I feel like such a hypocrite! As a recovering Cardio Queen, and someone who has struggled with exercise addiction, I have spent the last 5 years priding myself on how little cardio I do compared to the …

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Do You Even Sprint? 13 Female Fit Pros Weigh In With Their Own Cardio Routines

Lately, I’ve been into defending cardio. Mostly because I hate extreme stances, and there’s been a lot of cardio hate in the fitness industry. I blogged on it earlier this week. But I wanted to know … do female fitness …

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11 Reasons You SHOULD Do (the Right Kind of) Cardio

Lately, there’s been a lot of hating on cardio among fitness pros. Let’s get this straight–the idea that cardio makes people fat is absurd. Is it the best way to lose fat? No. Can it be detrimental if overdone? Of …

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The Beauty of Being Humbled: Yoga Retreat Wrap-Up

Walking down the path to our 7am breakfast with fellow Lululemon’ed up fitness pros Jen Sinkler and Neghar Fonooni, I turned to them and said, “You know, this trip is an example of something I would normally never do.” It …

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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing BODYWEIGHT Exercise (Yes, Bodyweight!)

Ok, I’ll admit it. I used to think bodyweight exercises were a cop-out. I mean … really?? Isn’t that for “beginners” and people who can’t handle “real” weight training? Well, that’s what I thought until my friend (and expert in …

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Love Letter to Weight Training: Lift Weights, Build … Confidence?

Here at JillFit, and over on the Metabolic Effect blog, we tend to strictly profess the physiological effects of exercise, most importantly weight training. I doubt I need to convince you of the many benefits of weight training for the …

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How I Ran A Half Marathon in 1:30 While Training Only 3 Days Per Week

No going to lie, I kind of hate running. I’ve never considered myself a runner. And I’ve never had that “running build”–you know the one where the people look like it’s effortless, like their gliding over the ground, barely breathing hard? …

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