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General Heath

Should You Play to Your Strengths or Bring Up Your Weaknesses?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to time management, priorities and self-improvement. Some people say it’s wise to work to improve the ways in which you are not operating optimally in the world. In other words, spending …

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Define Your “Healthy”

I’m not going to lie–up until a few years ago, I kind of sort of hated the term “healthy.” It felt so … blah. Like, vague and boring and like something your grandmother would care about. For me, throughout my …

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Why the Advice “Just Eat More to Rev Your Metabolism” is Misguided

Though he hates the attention, one of the perks to being married to a professional brainiac is that we get to constantly discuss really awesome stuff–biochemistry, research, behavior, psychology, natural health, relationships, personal development, learning, growing, risking, improving. Many have …

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What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Fatigue + The 3 Diagnoses They Miss

You might not know this, but in conventional medicine, “chronic fatigue syndrome” is NOT actually recognized as a legitimate diagnosis because they can’t test for it nor treat it . And yet “fatigue” is the #1 reason why people go …

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Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat? Hormones, Paleo, Carbs, Oh My! {Guest Post}

I am beyond excited to feature a guest post today, by my good friend and “gorgeous” best-selling author Esther Blum, RD, of Living Gorgeous. Esther and I have been friends since her first book, Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous came …

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Food Anxiety and How to Deal with Stress Eating

My mom has always been thin. She was never a huge exerciser, and I never recall her dieting. And honestly, looking back, I can’t remember her even thinking about food all that much. Sure, she has a sweet tooth that …

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7 Things that Dieters Do that Lean People Don’t

People who diet incessantly are rarely all that lean. Seems counterintuitive, right? Like, shouldn’t they be in the best shape of all? I mean, they are always “on a new diet” so why do they have the hardest time losing …

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Do Obese People “Have No Shame?”

This is a sensitive topic that most people already have an opinion on–are obese people just lazy gluttons? Or is there more going on with people who struggle with their weight AND as a community, might it serve us better …

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32 Things To Do Instead of Drinking Wine

I think women are hardwired to drink wine. Maybe it’s some genetic thing or tied to estrogen or something :) but for whatever reason, when I talk to female clients, probably 75% of them mention their desire to drink wine, …

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Why Stress is Sabotaging Your Efforts & 6 Simple Ways to Decrease It

Last week Jade, Gary and myself took the Metabolic Effect train to the UK, Paris and Spain for a number of Metabolic Effect trainings for fitness professionals. I recounted in a previous post my observations overseas, and how different Europeans …

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