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The Key to Breaking Your Food Obsession: Exposure

As I put the finishing touches on my Food Obsession Boot Camp online course, I fully realized the many factors that go into hyperawareness around food. And probably 90% of it is mindset work, with the last 10% being about …

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When Hardcore Turns Into Harmful

I realized something recently: I don’t want to work that hard. See, I posted last week on Twitter the questions I often ask myself when it comes to nutrition. Instead of, “what foods will help me get lean?” and, “how …

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Carb Rehab: “How Many Carbs Should I Eat?”

Been receiving a lot of inquires lately regarding carbs. We are confused about them, aren’t we? Some of us are scared of them. Others believe they are evil and are the sole cause of obesity. While others insist, we need …

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Regaining Your Common Sense: Why Doing LESS Leads to a Leaner Physique

I used to think that the people who thought about food the most were the leanest. I thought, it’s the people who aren’t conscious about food that end up eating everything in sight, unable to stop themselves. I have to …

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9 Ways to Quit Obsessing Over Your Food and Exercise

In order to attain a very lean physique, it takes a certain amount of obsession. And I say that with zero unkindness and with no judgment. It’s just a fact. It’s difficult to attain a super lean body without prepping …

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Why the Advice “Just Eat More to Rev Your Metabolism” is Misguided

Though he hates the attention, one of the perks to being married to a professional brainiac is that we get to constantly discuss really awesome stuff–biochemistry, research, behavior, psychology, natural health, relationships, personal development, learning, growing, risking, improving. Many have …

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Intermittent Sampling: How to Taste Everything & Binge on Nothing

Intermittent sampling, v.: the practice of tasting everything, and binging on nothing. Use it to teach yourself the art of moderation. I recently mentioned Intermittent Sampling in a post on how to stop eating a million calories every night. And …

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Why I Stopped Doing Cheat Meals

Cheat meals used to be the highlight of my week. I did them for a long time, especially when I was competing and modeling a lot more. I even made a video of my weekly Reese’s Pieces ritual! But then I …

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4 Ways To Stop Eating A Million Calories Every Night

I don’t blame you for wanting to eat everything you can possibly get your hands on at night. A few months ago, I was called in for jury duty. I had never been and was fairly happy about being able …

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Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat? Hormones, Paleo, Carbs, Oh My! {Guest Post}

I am beyond excited to feature a guest post today, by my good friend and “gorgeous” best-selling author Esther Blum, RD, of Living Gorgeous. Esther and I have been friends since her first book, Eat, Drink and Be Gorgeous came …

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