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JillFit Podcast: Dr. Jade on Metabolic Damage, Habits, Online Biz & Egotism

I caught up with Dr. Jade Teta (conveniently, he was upstairs at my house), the co-founder of Metabolic Effect, creator the Metabolic Aftershock Workout DVD program, author and naturopathic physician, and got the chance to ask him all sorts of interesting and uncomfortable questions about metabolic damage, hormonal fat loss, psychology and even what he thinks of selfies :) He was surprised by many of the questions and I hope you enjoy this first ever JillFit podcast!

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The “right way” to lose fat, and the common denominators
  • Why the “eat less and exercise more” model of fat loss actually gets you further away from your goal
  • All about Metabolic Damage: Do you have it? And how to tackle it if you do?
  • How to bridge the gap between “knowing” what to do and actually DOING IT
  • How mindset influences the fat loss process and how to train yours
  • Dr. Jade’s take on body obsession and exclusively-physical pursuits
  • If there is a such thing as “fat loss exercise” and how to do it
  • If Zumba is effective for fat loss
  • Dr. Jade’s #1 piece of advice for personal trainer and fitness pros who want to bring their biz online
  • His most important life lesson from 10 years as a CEO in the fitness industry

Right-click to download or click to listen—-> JillFit Interview with Dr. Jade Teta (mp3)

Check out the Metabolic Aftershock DVD series here.

Enjoy! Ox, Jill


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