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30 Days of Fat Loss–Day #25: We Love Greens & Reds Powders

In Monday’s post, I showed you guys my diet, and one of my “meals” is a Think Thin bar, plus a Greens & Reds drink from SoTru.  Greens drinks and Reds drinks are essentially powdered vegetable and fruits, respectively.  We are not talking baby food here, these are quality, nutraceutical-grade products that have been cold-processed to retain the highest possible antioxidant value.  And more importantly, they are a great way to supplement your fruit and veggie intake, which I know you don’t get enough of every day, right?  Could it be any easier?

Both the Greens and Reds are sweetened naturally with Stevia so that they taste great.  Each container comes with a scoop so that adding the right serving to shakes is a breeze.  A single scoop of Greens powder has the antioxidant equivalent of 5 servings of veggies, while the Reds powder contains the antioxidant equivalent of 2 servings of fruits, per scoop.  These are organic products, all natural, without crazy fillers–the ideal way to increase your antioxidant consumption!

In this video, I show you two ways to get your greens and reds drink on–you can obviously drink them each separately, depending on your mood, but I like to combine mine into a single drink, and they taste good together!

Check it out! But more importantly, check out SoTru’s products!  Very cool company! :) Enjoy! ox Jill

(I think the dubbing is a little off, sorry!)

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