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November 7, 2010

30 Days of Fat Loss–Day #28: Day in the Life of Pro Figure Competitor Jillian Teta

By Jillian Teta

I have to admit, I am *almost” embarrassed to write this blog, because, of the whole JillFit Team, I am admittedly the least disciplined and regimented! Then, when I look at it a different way, I realize that maybe I can share how I “do” this lifestyle in spite of loving to sleep in, loving to eat, and loving wine. You just fit it all in, so here we go…

Currently I am in off-season. Last season I (finally) won my pro card, and I am taking the entire fall and winter to build and shape my upper body to make my Pro debut in the spring.  To that end, I work out 4 days per week, training upper body twice and lower body twice, sometimes throwing in a quick additional shoulder workout after legs. I do a 15-20 minute core routine twice weekly, before my upper body workouts. I admit that I have to force myself to do core – it is my least favorite body part to train.

Heavy lifting days alternating with lighter weight circuit-based sessions, combined with my nutrition and supplementation program have helped me add almost 8 lbs of muscle. I do NOT do any formal cardio training at this time. I walk with my dogs and husband, Keoni. I think it is important to point out that you can be on a hypertrophy diet AND stay lean, without hours and hours of cardio training. There is a misconception that to put on “size” you have to blow up like a whale. This is not true! I still fit into all of my clothes, though my shoulders are a bit more snug in there :)

For my off-season nutrition, with the goals of staying moderately lean (I still weigh in, take measurements and keep myself below 18.5% body fat – it’s all about accountability to yourself) while adding quality size, adequate macronutrients is key. I eat plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

I also get bored with eating the same thing every day, and love to cook, so I eat a wide variety of vegetables and lean meats and fish. I eat a lot of “real” foods, I don’t always do a lot of shakes and bars in the off-season. For carbs, I love sweet potatoes and brown rice and Sprout Organic baby food (don’t laugh – it is delicious, BPA-free, convenient and the perfect serving size for after a workout) in their various flavors.

Gluten and dairy are problem foods for me, although I love them they make me hold water and make my skin look horrible. I have “reward” meals Saturday and Wednesday nights.

Here is an example of my daily routine:

Wake up: Coffee with French vanilla coconut creamer, multivitamin w/ extra B vitamins, 2 grams fish oil, 1.5 grams creatine, 7 grams BCAAs. 16 oz water.
Meal #1: 6 egg white omelet with 2 cups spinach, 2 oz almond cheese, ¼ cup dry oatbran cooked in water with almond milk and dash maple syrup or Joseph’s syrup (yes, this is an artifact from the contest diet – I love it) 1 liter of water.
Workout: See the video for an example shoulder circuit
Meal #2: Post-Workout – 2 scoops Xymogen Vanilla Pea/Rice protein blend with 8 oz coconut water, 1 TB honey, 1 TB glutamine, dash vanilla, dash cinnamon, ice. 1.5 grams creatine, 7 grams BCAAs.
Meal #3: Can of tuna with 1-2TB light mayo spread on high-fiber Lavash bread, 1 cup greens. 1 Apple with 2 TB almond butter. 1 liter water.
Meal #4: ½ cup cooked brown rice scrambled with 4 oz ground turkey, 2 cups spinach or broccoli and 1 cup mushrooms, topped with 1 oz almond cheese and salsa.
Meal #5: 6 oz filet with spicy sautéed greens and onions, large green salad with balsamic dressing, ½ sweet potato or several roasted fingerling potatoes. 2 grams fish oil. 1-2 glasses of wine.
Dessert: I am really on a kick with the coconut cupcakes posted earlier in this series, also love frozen fruit. Most of all, I have been craving ice cream lately, so will have Arctic Zero.
Before bed: Cocoa drink

This sounds like a lot of food, and it is :) My grandfather always says I have a healthy appetite, and I am trying to put that good quality food to good use.

Check out my training video:

Coming back to the stage this Spring – see you then!  Love, jillian

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