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November 30, 2010

JillFit Feature: Interview with Fitness Model Lori Harder

Most anyone who competes at the national level knows the name Lori Harder.  As a natural bikini and figure competitor, Lori recently won the Overall Titles of Figure America and Bikini America in Las Vegas, is an OhYeah!-sponsored athlete and regularly graces the pages of every fitness woman’s favorite mag, Oxygen Magazine.  Lori is also a complete sweetheart, and I was lucky enough to catch up with her after her big wins to talk about her training regimen, diet, how she stays balanced, and even her booty!  Check it out :) ox Jill

Tell us a little bit about how you got into the fitness industry and what do you do in the fitness arena right now?

I used to be an overweight kid and I knew I wanted to be fit.  I remember watching a fitness routine on TV and it was all over after that!  I had no idea how to get in shape so I started asking my mom for any fitness magazines or tapes I could get my hands on.  After years of learning, competing and training I am now I am a Personal Trainer and nutritional consultant with my own studio.  I am blessed to be a CSF Ambassador which means I get to help coach girls for competing.

What is/are your proudest moment(s) in your fitness career (claim to fame, etc)?

I would have to say my proudest moments are winning the 2010 Ms. Bikini Universe, Ms. Bikini America and Ms. Figure America Overall titles.  I have been competing for 4+ years and this was an amazing unreal moment where you feel like your hard work and patience was recognized!  Although, looking back I truly know the journey is where character and the best memories were made.  I also have to say that gracing the pages of Oxygen has been an ultimate dream come true!  The women in that magazine have been my motivation for years and I still don’t believe that’s me in there!

Describe your typical workout week (days/week, cardio amt/type, weight-training, focus, etc):

Everyday I take a 3-6 mile walk.  I have a BIG Golden Doodle that gives me no peace unless I tire her out.  My husband and I also take that time to focus on the day and talk about what we are going to accomplish. As far as weight training goes,  I used to lift 4-5 days a week while I was trying to build, splitting focus on different body parts everyday, but now I train hard for 60 minute 3 times per week having 2 heavy leg days mixed with upper and one plyo leg day mixed with core and whatever upper body I have not hit hard that week.

How does your training change as you prep for a shoot/show/event versus your off-season or does it?

My training does not change much before an event.  I usually add a little more cardio, tighten up the diet a bit and I may have to go a bit lighter on the weights depending on my energy level, but overall I stay the same all year round.

Do you have any areas/body parts that you struggle with or needs additional attention, and how to do attack/approach it through your training and diet?

I struggle with my booty all the time!  Everything else tightens up right away but my backside takes forever!  I try to only train my backside when doing legs since you hit your quads in most glute exercises anyway and my quads tend to get big fast.  I also have to eat PERFECTLY clean around any events or it shows up on my rear end.

Give a quick idea of your daily meal plan:

I eat 4-5 ounces protein at every meal 2-3 fruits, 3-5 veggies, 2 good fats, 2-3 starches and tons of water everyday!  I don’t track my food anymore but I used to.  I just make sure I am getting a well rounded clean meal plan.  I found the more I stressed, the more I strayed.  I try to keep a healthy attitude about food and view it as getting everything I need to stay happy and keep a healthy youthful, functional body.

What is your ONE fitness or nutrition pearl that you would give someone who wants to be successful in the fitness competition/modeling industry?

I would tell people who want to be successful to learn balance.  This is the biggest struggle for most of us.  Keep the nutrition clean 80% of the time and you won’t fall off the wagon so hard.  In the grand scheme of things you will always come out on top.  Also, try to never miss a workout.  Even if you had a bad day with nutrition you need to go sweat because this changes your attitude and outlook!  Working out lifts my mood and helps me bring things back into perspective.  It does not have to be a crazy workout every single time, just get there and get moving.

As far as modeling goes you need a good support system and you need to learn what they are looking for!  Do your research and learn from people in the business!  I use for all of my modeling coaching and I love it.

How do we learn more about you:

I have discovered a new mission in life and that is to help people eat healthy even when they are busy or on the go!  I truly think food is what controls my mood and attitude towards life and working out!  Please check out my new site at!  This is my heart and soul and passion and I hope you can learn a thing or two from it.

Personal Website/Company: and

Facebook Fan pages: BusyGirlHealthyLife and LHF LoriHarderFitness

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