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December 15, 2010

The Fat Loss Mindset: 14 Key Changes

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Wayne Dyer

At JillFit and Metabolic Effect, we talk about living the “Fat Loss Lifestyle” and not just crash dieting, training for a specific event temporarily or sporadically incorporating healthy practices every “Monday.”  For those who have transformed their body using fat-loss techniques and have maintained their efforts, their minds changed along with the physical transformation.

Seemingly simple, and yet so tough when it comes to body change.  I have seen many figure competitors completely transform their bodies for a single show only to revert back to binge drinking 3 nights a week afterwards, or a client make some key changes and lose 50 lbs only to gain it all back because the healthy changes the implemented expired–they were not made into habits.

To achieve lasting body change, there must be a complete mindset overhaul, away from the old ways of doing things that left us tired, overweight and sick to a new fat-loss mindset that permeates everything we do.  Remember, the old way of doing things will always lead to the same old results.   Change your mind, change your habits, change your outcome.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here are some examples of key changes that someone living the fat-loss lifestyle implements.  Here are 12 examples of choices these people make every day, all the time, consistently to achieve lasting body change.  The common thread through many of these is that planning is required.  Living the fat-loss lifestyle, you should never find yourself without a viable fat-loss option.  In other words, making choices for fat loss requires a consciousness around food that many neglect.  Many don’t think about food at all…until they are hungry, at which point the only options are bad ones.

Keep in mind, this is not to say that one way of doing things is better or superior than another, and remember that these are simply examples of choices, and that not every action is what’s best for or work for every individual.  However, there are some hard & fast key changes that are recommended when pursuing fat loss.  Of course, if fat loss is not your goal, then simply disregard this blog! :) :)

Upon waking
Old way: sleep as long as possible, run around house
Fat-loss way: Wake-up in time to squeeze in 30 minutes of interval cardio at gym or at home OR 30-min walk outside

Old way: Cereal with milk, OJ
Fat-loss way: 6 egg white omelet with veggies, 10 bites old-fashioned oats

Old way: Grande Vanilla Latte
Fat-loss way: Grande Americano (espresso + water), black or w/ zero calorie sweetener

Mid-morning snack
Old way: Nothing
Fat-loss way: 3 hard-boiled egg whites, 1 grapefuit

Old way: Turkey sandwich on wheat bread, 1 bag chips, diet soda
Fat-loss way: Large greens salad, 1 grilled chicken breast, balsamic vinaigrette on side , 1 small apple

Mid-afternoon snack
Old way: Something from vending machine and/or diet soda
Fat-loss way: 1 unsweetened Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup walnuts

After work
Old way: Happy hour
Fat-loss way: 3o min weight-training workout

Out to dinner
Old way: Bread basket, meat & potatoes, glass of wine
Fat-loss way: Starter salad, piece of fish with side of green veggies, iced water w/ lemon or pellegrino

After dinner
Old way:  Watch TV, grazing on an off on whatever is in cupboards or freezer, go to bed at midnight
Fat-loss way: 1 oz 85% dark chocolate, chamomile tea, read in bed 30 minutes, go to bed at 10pm

Saturday Matinee
Old way: Medium popcorn w/ butter, diet soda
Fat loss way: Bring low-carb, high-protein bar to eat (check out my favorites), bottled water

Saturday night out
Old way: Get wasted
Fat-loss way: Fit in a tough workout sometime on Saturday and then out, indulge in 1-2 glasses of red wine or a booze drink with a sugar-free mixer

Sunday afternoon football party
Old way: “Relax” with chips & salsa, cheese & crackers and a few beers
Fat-loss way: Bring a protein bar or two to much on throughout, drink water, indulge in a few pieces of cheese, chew SF gum :)

Early morning flight, at the airport
Old way: Get breakfast sandwich, coffee and buy candy to much on during flight
Fat-loss way: Americano (see Starbucks above), eat breakfast before leaving the house, bring a protein bar for the flight

Road Trip
Old way: No plan–stop wherever, whenever I feel hungry (most likely fast food or convenience store)
Fat-loss way: Plan ahead, bring fruit, protein bars, shakes, nuts and hard-boiled eggs, water

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