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Lift Heavy, Get Smaller!

Why is it that while us fit females know that lifting heavy does not lead to bulking up (unless of course you are eating carbs like a mad woman), we still believe that in order to shrink our legs we need to endure hundreds of reps using light weights? In other words, we know that heavy upper body training helps shed inches and makes us tighter in our arms, chest and back, so why would heavy weights not do the same on our lower half?  If you want to read my entire rant on “toning” workouts and why they are a huge waste of time and more importantly a waste of muscle, click here!

To prove our point, JillFit Coaches Tara Ballard and Jillian Teta put together this killer leg circuit to show you that heavy weight training is the best way to go in your quest for leanness, firmness and overall loss of inches.  And the good news is that you don’t have to spend hours doing miles of bodyweight lunges anymore–heavy workouts should be intense and quick, really no more than 30 minutes.  Jillian is 3.5 weeks away from her figure pro debut and has been lifting heavy for weeks now, as well as maintaining a tight diet.  She has only added in a small amount of cardio this week, and short-duration only.
Weights + Diet = Results

Here is the video, the circuit is outlined below! Good luck! And yes, those are walking lunges holding 40 lb in each hand! :)

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