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July 2, 2011

Top 20 Fat Loss Food Finds at BBQs

Lots of holiday weekends coming up! Not always the easiest time to stay on your diet, considering many times you are reliant on the person hosting a BBQ to provide the eats. BUT, regardless of what’s on the menu, it’s easy to navigate the picnic if you have a plan. No need to kill frozen drinks, pasta salad and trays of cookies–instead, choosing from the best options to minimize damage and still have fun doing it!

How convenient! If we only had these! I found this in the UK!

The point of this post is not to deprive you of enjoying your weekend with family and friends or tell you what NOT to eat or drink. Remember, it’s all about balance and moderation. However, you can definitely make BETTER choices at holiday parties and BBQs. Though it’s not even close to making a gourmet fat loss meal in your own kitchen, there are certain choices you can make that will not impact your waistline as much as others. Like I always say, choose fatty options over starchy options to minimize damage. Though certainly not ideal, they are less impactful options for your physique.  You may not be losing fat at a BBQ, but at least you can prevent yourself from gaining. Here are my top 20 picks!

From the grill/proteins:
Chicken breasts
Steak tips
Burgers (no bun)
Hot dogs (yes, really…no bun)
Sausages (no bun)

Apps, Sides & Desserts:
Raw veggie plate (dressing is fine to dip, hummus best)
Cheese/meat platter, no sandwiches
Chicken wings
Veggie skewers/grilled veggies
Fruit salad
JillFit Sorbet
Sugar-free fro yo
Low-carb PB cookies

Water or sparkling water with lime/lemon
Diet soda
Red wine
JillFit Sugar-free Mojito

Vodka and soda with lime
Gin & diet tonic with lime
Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus (95 cals, 5.5g CHO)

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