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JillFit Testimonial: Deb Goes From Skeptical to Stage

I remember the first email I got from Deb…she was skeptical about signing up with a new trainer/coach because she had had so many experiences in the past that did not go well for her nor her physique. I love this testimonial because it clearly shows the goal of every JillFit Program and that is to find something that works for the individual. We adopt Metabolic Effect’s philosophy, which is, that if you are using every ounce of will-power to stay on a diet, then it is not the right nutrition plan for you. Deb’s process and preparation for the stage was 100% unique to her. Her coach, Jillian Teta worked with Deb to ascertain her own individual preferences, needs and sensitivities and then designed the program around her. Thank you Deb for sharing!! Enjoy! ox Jill

I’ll do my best to put into words how much I appreciate Jillian Teta. I began working with Jillian on a fat loss program in September 2010 with AMAZING results. After a couple months into the program, Jillian suggested I consider a figure competition. I had always wanted to do a competition. In fact, I trained several times for a competition over a 10 year period, with some very elite coaches too, but something always seemed to stand in my way. My biggest fear was standing on stage and I think that’s why I never thought I could do one. So when Jillian brought the subject up, I thought long and hard about REALLY doing it this time. I was 40 years old with a one year old son. I didn’t want to look back on my life and wonder what it would’ve been like and regret never stepping on stage and getting over my fear. Most importantly, I knew it would be different because Jillian would be with me every step of the way and that she was!

So I began my competition prep in January and signed up for a show in May. Jillian first started me on building muscle before leaning out for stage.  I love working out so those weren’t tough for me.  I worked with other “coaches” in the past but Jillian’s diet approach was different. I had so much energy, slept great, and felt the healthiest ever! Though I faced many family visits, my son having a double ear infection, holidays, etc.  I committed 100% to diet and training. Although Jillian and I communicated only by email, I felt like she was right there with me, truly cared about how I was feeling, responding, encouraging me,  etc. She was being a true COACH! Sure I was doing this for myself, but I wanted to make Jillian proud too.

As May 21st got closer, I grew more nervous about stepping on stage but Jillian was walking me through the entire process, answering every and any question. The week of the competition I sent Jillian an email, concerned about what other competitors I might be up against. Jillian responded, “don’t get too much in your head about other competitors :) this is about YOU and your transformation and how you have changed your physique. You are going to bring all of that hard work, beauty and poise to the stage. No one can ever change that or take it away from you, no matter what place you come in. Go out there and have fun and enjoy the experience!” Jillian kept my head on straight through the whole process.

In the past, I felt other coaches were more interested in how I made THEM look and if I represented THEM well. I never felt Jillian was critical of me either. Her emails were always so positive and she knew how to give correction, not criticism.  I also received encouraging emails from the other Jillfit girls too and it meant so much to me! When the day arrived, I was excited to finally meet Jillian in person. As I sat in the meeting, I panicked! After talking to the other competitors, I realized I was the only newbie in the competition! I panicked and wanted to run. I thought – what the hell am I doing but I remembered what Jillian said – this is about YOU! As I sat backstage, Jillian came walking through the doors and I felt so relieved! And as I stepped on stage, seeing Jillian in the audience made all the difference and I hoped I had made her proud.

I can’t thank Jillian enough for what she’s done for me. She’s taught me so much living a healthy lifestyle. And for anyone who questions whether a competitor can do it in a healthy way – the answer is YES, if you choose to work with the Jillfit Team! I don’t know if I’ll ever do another competition but I do know one thing. I won’t do it without my Jillian!! Thank you Jillian and don’t put your head down when I say this to you! Hold your head high – you are a TRUE COACH!

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