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Wednesday Workout: Back & Biceps Training

By Sara Baker

I love training my back.  I am not sure what it is?  Maybe because it is such a big muscle that it makes me strong and powerful when lifting or maybe it’s because I love that I am working on that coveted V-taper that makes our waist look smaller.  Or maybe it is that I find nothing cooler/sexier/more bad-ass than a woman who can rep out unassisted pull-ups! (I am not up to many reps yet but at least I can do a few! :))

There are endless exercises to hit your back also, so I rarely get bored.  I like to pair my back workout with biceps.  Biceps are usually working as secondary muscles during the back exercises so I feel that I get a good burn in my arms as well.  Plus, I am not a huge fan of working biceps so I try to sneak them in where I can!

Below is a quick and challenging back workout.  Pick a weight that is challenging for you and that will fatigue you in the final few reps of each exercise.  Remember to move quickly from one exercise to the next, resting as needed. Good luck!

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