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April 11, 2012

Heavy Leg Workout

By Emily Saunders

Lately I have been focusing the majority of my workouts on high intensity, Rest-Based, Metabolic Effect type workouts using slightly lower weights and higher repetitions.  I like to mix up my routine every 6 weeks or so to optimize results and beat boredom.  However, I consistently stick with my Tuesday morning heavy lower body workout.

This morning my workout buddy Tre and I completed the following workout and we were both waddling afterward :)  Enjoy!!! ox Emily





65-95 lbs

14 Squats (7 lunges each leg)

Walking Lunges

20-40 lb dumbbells

10 each Leg

Single Leg Press

80-150 lbs

12 each Leg

Repeat 4X



Weight Time

Smith Machine Leg Press*

100 (2 25 lb plates per side)

1 minute

Platform Tap Downs+


30 Seconds Each Leg

Wide Stance Pulsing Lunges**

20 lb dumbbells

30 Seconds Each Leg

Repeat 3X

*Lie on bench under Smith Machine bar, place feet on bar in a wide stance.  Lower knees to chest area and press back up.  Have a spotter help you release and re-rack the machine.

+ Stand on a tall platform on right leg, slowly lower left leg toward floor and barely touch left toe to ground then straighten right leg again slowly

** Holding dumbbells, step out with right leg into a super wide lunge stance.  Drop left knee to floor and then straighten as many times as you can in 30 seconds.  Rest as needed.


Following this workout we completed 15 minutes of leg focused plyometrics  (squat jumps, bench jumps, switch jumps, burpees and other variations). 30 seconds push and 10 seconds resting.  This is great cardio and burnout for a total workout time of 45 minutes :)

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